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What is the Strategic Sales Academy?

A three-day intensive program, facilitated by author, sales expert and business strategy guru Dave Lorenzo. The Strategic Sales Academy is designed for leaders who want to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Decrease labor intensity (make more money with less effort)
  • Develop a personal, customized plan for relationship development and income maximization

The Strategic Sales Academy will meet in Orlando, FL on October 8-11, 2017.

Who should attend?

Business leaders who want to develop relationships quickly and accelerate revenue growth.  You’ll be in good company. Others who have benefited from my expertise over the years:

  • The Chief Sales Officer for a private jet manufacturing company
  • The top sales executive from a luxury hotel brand
  • The Chief Executive Officer of a major Women’s fashion brand
  • The Chief Marketing Officer from a cruise line
  • A lead sales trainer from Pfizer
  • Hundreds of sales professionals from all over the world
  • 33 Entrepreneurs who own businesses that average $7 million plus in annual revenue
  • 56 Managing Partners of law firms producing revenue more than $1 million
  • Other leaders like you, who are serious about growing their business, income and themselves.


What you’ll gain:

Here are just some of the areas you will improve as a result of this experience:

  • Create your most dramatic value propositions
  • Develop a powerful and memorable brand
  • Create phone “scripts” for all calling situations
  • Find and identify the true decision-maker faster
  • Create a trusting, peer-level relationship with that buyer
  • Use language effectively to gain buyer commitment
  • Create “irresistible” proposals
  • Expand business constantly and gain referrals continually
  • Craft effective proposals to close business every time
  • Maximize time efficiency in selling
  • Acquire scripts, forms and templates to maximize your efficiency
  • Improve your life balance, discretionary time, and personal options


Who is Dave Lorenzo?

DAVID LORENZO is a best-selling author, media personality, and sales expert who has built five successful businesses during the past 28 years. His most impressive projects include taking Marriott’s corporate housing company from start-up to over $50 million in annual revenue and leading a professional services firm from start-up to over $250 million in revenue.

As the founder of Valtimax Consulting, Dave focuses on helping you increase revenue, make more money, and build enduring client loyalty. He is a world-class sales expert known for his process, “60 Seconds to the Sale.”

As a professional speaker, Dave delivers the best business strategy and sales information to audiences all over the world. He has an impressive track record of captivating audiences and delighting event planning professionals.

Dave has worked as a speaker and consultant with numerous FORTUNE 500 companies including Pfizer, Marriott, Textron, and IBM. He is on a mission to help you turn curious prospects into valuable clients with a ferocious, lifelong loyalty to your business.

Dave Lorenzo is your guide to rapid, organic revenue growth.


Why the Strategic Sales Academy matters:

Most business leaders, sales professionals, and entrepreneurs operate by the seat of their pants.  They have no plan for growing their business.

That is a tough way to go through life because it forces you to start over each time.

When you attend the Strategic Sales Academy, you will discover a system that allows you to sell more and grow your revenue in a predictable, organic way.  You’ll leave with a customized plan outlining how you will implement this system rapidly in your business.

Why three days?

During our time together you will be introduced to this amazing sales system, practice using it and develop a plan for implementation back at home.

This takes time.

Don’t worry. We’ve built in time for relaxation and networking with the other attendees. But while you are at the Strategic Sales Academy you will work.

What you will take with you:

  • A compelling sales strategy to share with clients, employees and investors
  • A focused plan to accelerate revenue growth using low-cost relationship development strategies
  • Powerful systems to scale your business
  • Checklists and standard operating procedures to keep you on track
  • A reliable network of resources to call upon for support and guidance


Yes I am ready to apply!

If you are ready to take your revenue, your business, and your income to the next level, call me to apply.



What Others Are Saying About Dave Lorenzo and His System



Barry Conchie

Dave Will Help You Define Your Value Proposition

“Dave is an outstanding business executive and key strategic thought partner.

He specializes in disruptive thinking and challenging orthodox approaches.

Dave specifically seeks to define a clear value proposition to all work activity.

He has great business sense and is able to use very wide knowledge to come up with novel solutions.

Dave commands strong loyalty because of his level of commitment and follow-through and he is excellent at maintaining a highly effective network that he leverages for everyone’s’ benefit.

I am very happy to give Dave my highest recommendation.”

Barry Conchie
Conchie Associates LLC – Leadership Consultants
Boulder, CO


Helped Me Change Everything

Dave has helped me think about what I’m doing, perhaps not as well, and the things I can do to grow my business. Today and the rest of my life,  using this course and materials I’m getting from here, is about growing my business. I’m very excited. I just see myself differently.

Because I’ve been practicing law over 25 years. I know I don’t look it, but I have been. And I have a lot of clients, many have been with me for years, sometimes decades, who come to me for everything. And I should be able to make some good use of those relationships and build value and introduce new value to them.

My name is Mitch Rotbert. I’m the owner of Rotbert Business Law in Washington D.C.

We are a general counsel for hire. We represent businessmen and women, helping them to get what they deserve. They have needs and wants and we pursue them.

Let me take a big step back, because I don’t recall how I encountered Dave. I just started getting emails. I must have hit a button somewhere along the line. And I read them and I was intrigued, and I read them very carefully. And he was really singing to me about what I need in my business. And saying it that way may seem facile or simplistic, but it really is a big change. The first thing that he or one of his top level people sitting with him, his experienced people sitting with him today, said today, “Change the way.” It’s a category shift for me. And he really started talking about growing a business. I have been earning a living. There’s a real difference between earning a living and growing a business.

Mitch Rotbert
Rotbert Business Law
Washington, DC


Wei-Li Chong

The Insight You Receive is Worth Ten Times What You Pay

“Engaging Dave Lorenzo is expensive but you will receive a fantastic return.

The strategic insight my company received was worth at least ten times what we invested.

I worked with Dave when I was a senior executive at a global retailer and he was an invaluable resource.”


Wei-Li Chong

Executive Vice President, Human Resources,
Knowledge Universe
Portland, OR


The Only Guy I Trust

I can tell you that I know a lot of people in the legal consulting world who help lawyers and Dave Lorenzo is the only guy in this business that I trust.

I personally know Dave and while I’ve read a lot of other materials from people who do this, he is my go-to guy for lawyers who are looking to build a practice – better a practice – possibly get out of their practice and do something else. He is the guy who knows how to help lawyers.

My name is Brian Tannebaum and I’m in my 21st year of practicing law. I do state and federal criminal defense, and I represent lawyers before the Florida Bar.

Brian Tannebaum
Ethics Attorney
Miami, FL


Dr. Todd Narson

The Best of The Best

Of all the programs I’ve attended, Dave’s are among the best of the best.

Over the past 21 years since starting my practice I’ve had the opportunity to listen to some of the best lectures in both sports medicine and business. After attending Dave Lorenzo’s workshop, I have to say I was completely blown away!

The information was concise, relevant, made sense and was easily incorporated into my business the next day. His strategies really work and his presentation style is a great combination of light-hearted yet serious. Dave’s message really hits home. It was amazing to see such a large crowd engaged for the entire time.”

Dr. Todd M. Narson
Diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Sports Physicians
Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner
USA Triathlon Certified Level-1 Coach
Member of the Sports Medicine Team, 2011 Pan American Games


Great Experience and I Learned A Lot

I traveled from California to Miami to spend the weekend with Dave Lorenzo and it was a great experience.

I’ve gotten a lot out of this workshop. Dave is infectious. He brings a great deal of enthusiasm. He is an outstanding sale mentor. I’ve taken away a great deal of knowledge to help improve my cash flow.

Bill Osman
San Luis Obispo, CA


How It All Began: About the Strategic Sales Academy

Strategic Sales Academy

During the past 28 years, I have built five successful businesses.  As a hotel manager, I opened and repositioned hotels for Marriott and Marriott Franchise Partners.  As Vice President and General Manager of Marriott ExecuStay in New York City, I grew a start-up real estate business into a $50-million-dollar powerhouse.  While with Gallup Consulting I developed a portfolio of business that produced more than $250 million in revenue.

All of these ventures had one common element – they required a strong relationship-based sales effort.

I have taken the skills, knowledge, and experience I’ve developed over the years and distilled it down into a process called the Strategic Sales Academy.

Join me in 2017.  The Academy will meet in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 23, 24, 25 and 26.

My Selling System

During this comprehensive program, we will work together to develop a customized sales plan for your business.  This plan will rapidly increase your revenue.

If you’ve been stuck at a particular income level for a few years and cannot break free, or

If you’ve wondered why people ask you for proposals and don’t book business, or

If you’ve recognized other people in your industry who make more money and have less, skill, knowledge and experience

The Strategic Sales Academy is the most significant opportunity to increase your revenue in the past decade

Components of the Strategic Sales Academy

  • Welcome lodging, cocktails, breakfast, lunch and closing dinner, are included with your attendance in this program. That’s right this program includes your hotel room and breakfast and lunch each day.
  • Three days of intensive interaction with me and a small group of colleagues. There will be over 20 hours of work, interaction, discussion, (and fun). We’ll enjoy some social activities together, some meals, and a great deal of pragmatic work on your individual concerns. There is an agenda below. Included is one-on-one mentoring.
  • Each participant will leave with a step-by-step plan of action for developing new business immediately
  • The Strategic Sales Academy manual of over 200 pages, containing every form, template, and job aid discussed in the program, from phone scripts to sales letters, from proposals to standard operating procedures.
  • Twenty Videos–unavailable to the public–which cover every aspect of business development, from speaking to networking, and from fee setting to product sales.
  • The complete 60 Second Sales Course, nearly 4 hours of video, on topics ranging from starting a sales conversation to giving a speech to attract new business.
  • Individualized pre-session work to maximize your value. The preparatory work includes focusing on your value proposition, pricing strategy, referral sources, time allocation, etc.
  • Lifetime admission to re-attend this program as a refresher at an 80% discount
  • The final Day of the Academy includes a private review of your plan with me
  • I will provide 60 days of complimentary coaching immediately following the Academy to help you bridge the learning to your circumstances and client base.

Where else can you obtain such a comprehensive development experience in relationship-based sales?

October 8-11, 2017 – Orlando, Florida

Here is the agenda for the Strategic Sales Academy

Sunday, October 8, 2017

6:00 PM – Registration

6:30 PM –  Cocktail Reception

Monday, October 9. 2017

8:00 AM – Breakfast

9:00AM – 11:45AM Program

12:00 PM – Lunch

1:30PM- 4:00PM Program

4:00 PM – Presentations of Learning from Day 1

6:30 PM Optional Cocktails

*Free evening to explore Disney nightlife

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

8:00 AM – Breakfast

9:00AM – 11:45AM Program

12:00 PM – Lunch

1:30PM- 3:30PM Program

4:00 PM – Presentations of Learning from Day 2

6:30PM Cocktails

8:00 PM – Closing Dinner

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

8:30AM – 10:00AM Breakfast

10:00AM – 12:00PM Program

12:15PM – Lunch

1:30 PM – 4:00 PM Private meetings with Dave Lorenzo


But That’s Just Part of It: Here’s the Mentor Program

Since 2008, over 300 people have participated in my unique Private Sales Mentor Program. About a third of these people were sales professionals in businesses, and about two-thirds have been business owners seeking to improve their income, attract different clients, or they’ve wanted to maintain their current income level while working less.

The Sales Mentor Program includes the following:

  • Unlimited access to me for 60 days
  • Phone calls returned within 90 minutes during business hours, Eastern time
  • Emails responded to the same day as received
  • A weekly electronic newsletter to build your book of business (and I’ll send you the entire archive–over 130 issues of rich content)
  • Access to my exclusive Roundtable Accelerator Meetings – a client only experience
    I host each month for you to sharpen your skills, focus on a new initiative or simple connect and network with your peers

In the Mentor Program, we work together on your individualized needs, particularly those which emerge from our time together. You can use my assistance, among other things, to:

  • Review proposals
  • Role-play meetings
  • Discuss prospect reactions
  • Plan a branding strategy and implementation
  • Be published
  • Find speaking opportunities
  • Create client options
  • Review and improve fees
  • Reduce labor intensity
  • Discuss and adapt solutions to each situation
  • …and just about anything else within my competencies

For 60 days, you’ll be able to consult with me as your partner as you build on the techniques from our time together, and as you deal with the developments of your practice. Many of the program graduates have a “WWDD” list on their desk (What Would Dave Do?).

Here are the investment options for the 2017 Strategic Sales Academy in Las Vegas, Nevada

The investment for this program is commensurate with the value provided.  You receive a lifetime of sales knowledge and experience boiled down into three days. The Strategic Sales Academy will jump start your revenue production.

Alumni enjoy a lifetime re-enrollment benefit in this program each time it is offered (on a space available basis) at an 80% discount.


Investment before March 1, 2017 – $9,775

March 1, 2017 – June 1, 2017 – $12,775

After June 1, 2017 – $14, 775

Attendance is by application only and limited.

Payment Plans are available, but the entire balance must is due 30 days before attending the event.


Yes I am ready to apply!

If you are ready to take your revenue, your business, and your income to the next level, call me to apply.



Refund Policy: We do not provide refunds for any reason except if we cancel the program. We do provide 100% credit if you have to cancel up to and including eight days prior, with one year to use that credit in any workshop of your choice. If you cancel seven days or less before the program, your fee is lost and there is no credit.

Sampling of Topics Covered at the Strategic Sales Academy

Long sales cycles suck.  Unproductive meetings suck.  Most business leaders, sales executives, and professionals have come to accept both as a fact of life.

Imagine, for a moment, that you were in front of the ideal client.  Imagine he had an unlimited budget and the authority to use it.  Imagine he had the exact problem you were born to solve.

How long would it take you to make a deal?

If you don’t know the answer to this question or if the answer makes you uncomfortable, you need a new sales plan.

This revolutionary, three-day Strategic Sales Academy will walk you through the steps necessary to create your personalized sales system that will work for you – IMMEDIATELY.

The reason this sales process works is that you are always in front of someone who is ready, willing and able to do business.

Here are just a few of the topics we cover during our time together:

How to Ruthlessly Evaluate Every Relationship

You don’t do business with just anyone.  You only do business with people who invite you in and are qualified to work with you.

We work together to develop a profile for your best clients and identify people you suspect match that profile. There are three universally successful ways to do this:

Speak to groups of people you suspect may be ideal clients.

Write articles for publications your suspects will read.

Network with people you suspect will be an evangelist.

I share my “secret sauce” for developing relationships as a result of giving a speech, writing an article or attending a networking event.  If you’ve ever been frustrated by any of these things, this will be a highly valuable experience.


Follow-up Until They Buy or Die

Eighty percent of all sales occur after the 5th contact.  I share my proprietary follow-up system with you.  This system will automate dozens of different contacts with prospective clients and referral sources and it does so in a way that educates, entertains and informs.

This follow-up system alone will deliver a HUGE return on investment to you immediately after you implement it.


Zero Resistance Closing Strategy

You are thinking about closing deals when you should be thinking about developing relationships.  This mindset shift is fundamental to making more money and growing revenue.

During our time together I will share my step-by-step guide to developing trust-based relationships that lead to zero resistance sales.


Referral Maximization

If you do not currently get at least one referral each day, the Strategic Selling Academy will easily triple your revenue.

You will discover the easy way to connect with influential people in your community, industry and client database to receive more referrals. Gone is the awkward conversation. In its place is a genuine OFFER of assistance from someone who knows your ideal client.


Relationship Growth – Improved Client Lifetime Value

The Strategic Sales Academy is not focused on helping you learn a bunch of tricks to close deals.  My concepts focus on opening new relationships that last a lifetime.

This focus adds to your revenue because every one of your clients offers you an easy opportunity to grow.  Clients have needs. Your goal is to help fill those needs.  At the Strategic Sales Academy, we help you discover the easy way to uncover needs and fill them with speed. This means you make more money, faster.

I have shared with you  just ten percent of the information we cover and the results you should expect when you attend the Strategic Sales Academy.


Yes I am ready to apply!

If you are ready to take your revenue, your business, and your income to the next level, call me to apply.


Get Involved With Dave

Call Now to Connect with Dave Lorenzo

Reach out to Dave today to discuss how he can help you close more sales, create a culture of organic growth in your business and improve the effectiveness of your sales team.  Toll Free: (888) 444-5150 Direct: (786) 436-1986.