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The 60 Second Sale is a turnkey system for building profitable, lifelong relationships. Whether you work with affluent consumers or sell to senior executives in FORTUNE 500 companies, this step-by-step guide will help you open doors, close deals, and make more money in a way that leverages your natural strengths.


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“ This is a powerful, practical book based on years of experience that will enable you to make more sales, earn more money, and enjoy greater success than ever before!”

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Your future is too important to leave in the hands of someone else. Call me to Make a Great Living and Live a Great Life® starting right now.

Dave Lorenzo (founder)

Dave Does Three Things:

  • Works with business leaders to develop sales strategy and drive revenue growth
  • Develops and delivers speeches and training programs that increase sales. 
  • Coaches entrepreneurs, sales executives, and professionals on relationship-based sales strategy.

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What Do You Want to Improve Today?

Sales Leadership Strategy

I want to deepen relationships with current clients, enter a new market, reposition a current offering, grow market share.

Individual Sales Coaching

I want to jump start my sales, take my revenue from good to great, reduce my labor intensity.

Sales Team

I want to help my sales team double their revenue, deepen client relationships and exponentially grow profits.

Events, Seminars & Workshops

I want to come to an event and discover new ways to grow my sales and get home on time for dinner every night.

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