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Step 6: Provide Powerful Proof

This is step 6 in the free sales course. The title is: Provide Powerful Proof. Step Six: Provide Powerful Proof Now it’s time for step six: provide powerful proof. The reason you need to provide powerful proof is, number one, to demonstrate your credibility, to demonstrate that you’re an expert in doing what you do. […]

Step 5: Follow-up Unit They Buy or Die

This is step 5 in the free sales course. The title is: Follow-up Until They Buy of Die. Step Five: Follow-up Until They Buy Or Die Now we’ve moved onto step number five: Follow up until they buy or die. That’s an expression that I love because it really communicates the impact that follow up […]

Step 4: Test Their IQ – The Qualification

This is step 4 in the process. The title is: Test Their IQ – The Qualification. Step Four: Test Their IQ – The Qualification Step Four is the testing of the IQ. The second step, the qualification. We need to qualify everyone we suspect will be a good client for us, and we need to […]

Step 3: Test Their IQ – The Invitation

This is step 3 in the free sales course. It is titled Test Their IQ – The Invitation. Step 3:  Test Their IQ – The Invitation Step 3 is the first in a 2-part testing the IQ of the client. I use IQ because it’s an acronym for invitation and qualification. In step 3, we’re […]

Step 2: Identify Your Ideal Client And Your Ideal Evangelist

This is step two in the free sales course. Identify your ideal client and ideal evangelist. Welcome to Step 2 in the 60-Second Sales Process. Now we’re focusing on identifying your ideal client. When you go out and you look for suspects, you’re going out to look for people who are just like your ideal […]

Step 1: Ruthlessly Evaluate Every Relationship

This is step one in the free sales course. The title is: Ruthlessly Evaluate Every Relationship Step One: Ruthlessly Evaluate All Relationships Step one in our process is to ruthlessly evaluate all of your relationships. We’re going to break these relationships into four categories. I want you to look at everyone you’ve come into contact […]

Introduction to Free Sales Course

This is the introduction to the free sales course. Introduction to 60 Second Sales Course Think of a time when you romanced a client for months and months on end, maybe even a year or longer. Think of all the effort you put into that, and then the payoff at the end wasn’t what you […]