Answer And Predict Your Future

I have an important question for you about your personal development. Your answer will allow me to predict your financial future. What do you know today about your clients, your industry, and yourself that you didn’t know yesterday? People who can answer that question will always out-earn people who cannot. Is this question about intelligence?  […]

Get Serious About Sales

There are many people looking to monopolize your time and attention. You need to be serious about sales. This means choosing wisely with your time. How do you decide in whom to invest? This decision is as important, if not more important than a financial investment. Time is all you have.  You can spend it […]

Sell More: Let Go of the Past

Let go of the past and you sell more. During my freshman year of college I had the good fortune to share a dorm room with a 35 year old former fireman from Brooklyn.  This guy, named Tony, lived the equivalent of three lifetimes before I met him (including one as a semi-tough guy working […]

Qualities of Sales Superstars

All sales superstars have qualities that separate them from everyone else. We are all looking for the one big thing that will make a difference in our business and our career. We want the one thing that will deliver bags of money to our doorstep.  We want to purchase the winning lottery ticket that will […]

How Sales Pros Get Paid Faster

Everyone who sells anything wants to get paid faster. Cash is king. During difficult times people prioritize which bills they pay first.  Of course, they WANT to pay everyone but because their own cash flow is a mess they will often pass their issues on to you …If you let them… Here are four ways […]

How To Select Better Clients

When was the last time you took a phone call from someone you couldn’t stand? All of us have people in our lives we avoid. We all know people we wish we didn’t know. Each of us has a client, customer or patient who can ruin our day simply by leaving us a voice mail. […]

Business Success: These Five Keys Open All Doors

Everyone wants to know the handful of things they need to do in order to be financially free.   We all want the keys to success. Unfortunately, there are not just a few keys to success.  There are dozens. But in the interest of keeping my readers happy, I have distilled success down to five things (if for […]

Eliminate Guilt Sell More

You sell more with a simple mindset adjustment. You can develop new relationships in 60 seconds if you are focused and prepared. Guilt holds you back. Think about it. Are you where you hoped you’d be in your business, career and life? Have you been working harder and harder only to find yourself achieving the […]

Step 15: In Case of Emergency Do This Sell More

This is the 15th and final step in the free sales course. The title of the this step is: In Case of Emergency Do This Sell More. Step Fifteen: In Case of Emergency Do This Sell More Welcome to step 15. This is the final step in our process, in I call this step “In […]

Step 14: Sales Success Mindset

This is step 14 in the free sales course and it is titled: Sales Success Mindset. Step Fourteen: Sales Success Mindset We’re back in step 14. Now, this step is a little bit different. What we’re going to do is we’re going to cover 20 different mindset tips that I want you to refer back […]