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How to Get Ready for a New Year

How to Get Ready for a New Year This episode of the 60 Second Sales Show is all about how to get for a New Year. If you want to make sure you are on track to make the upcoming year your best, this is the show for you. Listen now and follow along with […]

How To Sell In A Regulated Environment

How to Sell In a Regulated Environment Do you sell a product or service under strict scrutiny by the government? Are you looking to make progress in the healthcare, medical or dental industry? Isn’t it frustrating working with a long sales cycle? Selling in a regulated environment is a challenge but it doesn’t have to […]

Systems Enable Sales

Systems Enable Sales If you want to sell more – and who doesn’t – you need to develop systems to enable your success.  This episode of the 60 Second Sales Show is all about replicating your sales success.  Imagine duplicating your best performance, over and over and over. That’s not only possible, that’s what the […]

The Inside Story of Relationship-Based Sales

On this episode of the Sixty Second Sales Show we welcome Pat Murphy from Heartland Payment Systems. Pat is an expert on relationship-based sales and he gives us the inside scoop on making more money with relationships. Here is the transcript for this episode: Hi there, and welcome to another edition of the 60 Second Sales Show. […]

Stop The Anger

Stop the Anger! There is a great deal of anger in the air about the results of the United States Presidential Election last week.  The results aside – people are getting angry at their friends over an opinion about politics.  This has to stop. This show is my brief commentary on the subject.  And I […]

How to Build a Body of Work

Your body of work helps reinforce your expertise. If you want to be perceived as an expert, you must have a substantial body of work behind you to support you. This podcast is a clinic on developing a body of work to help position you as an expert. Here is the transcript of this episode […]

How To Improve Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the most important aspect of sales. You are who you think you are! If you want to grow your book of business you must think of yourself as the person you want to be. For example: You have two widely different sales years. In year one you close $1 million in new business and […]

The Ask

The Ask That is the title of this week’s episode of the 60 Second Sales Show. On this show, we discuss the four things you should ask for in a meeting. They are: Ask for business – sell something Ask for a referral Ask for a testimonial Ask to keep in touch We go into […]

How To Use Social Media To Boost Sales

How to Use Social Media to Boost Sales In this episode of the 60 Second Sales Show we discuss how social media can help you grow sales quickly. There are three aspects to sales growth with Social Media: Visibility Credibility Differentiation We look at each of these in this week’s who and go into detail […]

Secrets of Power Proposals

This episode of the 60 Second Sales Show is titled “The Secrets of Power Proposals.” When people are ready to do business, they ask you to put together a proposal to outline how you will work together. This is usually a “take it or leave it” offer. Either the client accepts your terms or he […]