Messy Success vs. Neat Failure

This is the first episode of my new show on Facebook Live titled TUESDAY TALK.  Today we cover three topics: Would You Rather Have a Messy Success or a Neat Failure Everyone now Has Their Own Media Company. How will you use yours? Figure out what you want first, then go out and sell so […]

001: Welcome to Do This Sell More with Dave Lorenzo

Make a Great Living and Live a Great Life®️ Welcome to Do This Sell More! In this podcast, you will learn how to develop more and deeper relationships to make more money and still get home on time every night. Dave introduces himself and why you should listen to this show. You can change everything […]

Five Sales Habits of Successful Rainmakers

Today I have something special to share with you. These are the five sales habits of successful rainmakers. I have outlined these habits for you in a video.  Before I share the video with you, I need to disclose something: At the end of the video there is a challenge. If you accept the challenge, […]

I Made a Big Mistake This Week: Sunday Summary

Here is your Sunday Summary: A quick look at the guidance that can change your world if you act quickly. This week I made a big mistake and so, I did what everyone does…I amplified it by sharing it with the world and you can benefit. You can read the whole story here: Secret Sales Video Reveals […]

You Must Now Use Social Media For Sales

You must now use social media for sales. This may sound strange coming from me since I was lukewarm about social media platforms in my book: The 60 Second Sale. Upon further review, I’ve discovered the power of advertising on Facebook and Instagram and leveraging video across all platforms as a tool to develop relationships. My […]

Secret to Sales Motivation: Spend Your Money

The secret to sales motivation is to spend your money. Spend all of it. On the surface this looks like the craziest thing I’ve ever written (or said in a video).  But there is a logic to it. Entrepreneurs and sales executives are well motivated when they are fighting for their own survival.  Is this […]

Secret Sales Video Reveals What It Takes To Double Revenue

This is a secret sales video I never planned on releasing. Since it is now public, I figured I should probably share it with everyone so you can benefit.  Watch and discover what it takes to be successful at selling. Here’s the story: It should come as no surprise that I video my presentations when […]

You Must Bend Time to Your Will

Bend Time to Your Will and You Will Sell More One of the key elements to being successful in business is managing your activities and getting the most important things done. Winners never complain about having enough time. Losers complain about having “time management problems.” This year you need to be a winner in the […]

To Improve Sales Where Do I Start

To improve sales, where do I start? That’s the most common question I receive from new clients. Today there are lots of options for growing a business but people want results quickly and there’s only one way to make that happen: Connect with someone who already knows you, likes you, and trusts you and help […]

Magic Words That Lead to Sales

Looking for the magic words that lead to sales? This is the article for you.  Be sure to follow the link to the video on YouTube. It’s only one minute long and it is episode 5 of my daily show designed to help you make more money and get home on time for dinner every […]