You Don’t Want Work Life Balance

Work life balance is a regular topic of discussion in some of the CEO groups I facilitate. While everyone agrees the purpose of being an entrepreneur is to have more control over your life, that control is often elusive.  Stories of business leaders missing family events, kids’ sports activities and school awards are so common, […]

You Can Win In Sales Even In The Slow Season

You can win in sales even in the slow season. There are two times each year when my clients start to freak out. July and December. July is torturous for business-to-business sales. December is similar. People are focused on other things. It’s impossible to get an appointment with a decision-maker, forget about getting people together […]

Rafael Badziag: The Billion Dollar Secret | Do This Sell More Show 15

Billionaires are different than everyone else. Do you want to discover their habits? Join us for this episode of The Do This Sell More show. This week Dave’s guest is Rafael Badziag, author of The Billion Dollar Secret. In this episode, Dave and Rafael discuss:  Why millionaires are mediocre entrepreneurs.  The gap between millionaires and […]

How to get UNSTUCK

The process for making a quantum leap in income as an entrepreneur or professional is simple: First: Identify a path that other people in your industry use to successfully do what you want to do. Analyze the strategy and tactics of people in your industry who are successful. Break it down and determine the key […]