Brad Gross: How to Sell Professional Services to Businesses | Do This Sell More 21

How To Sell Professional Services to Businesses. An interview with entrepreneur and intellectual property attorney Bradley J. Gross. During this sales training video Dave Lorenzo and Brad Gross discuss how to sell professional services. During the past ten years, Brad has employed professional speaking and nice marketing to grow his personal brad and develop a […]

The Business You Are Really In

Everybody wants to be a rockstar. Grab a microphone, stand in front of a group of people, tell a few stories, get a standing ovation, hop on a plane and go to the next city. And have people pay you to do it. There is an entire organization – The National Speakers Association – dedicated […]

The Secret of Sales Success Revealed

If you’re an entrepreneur and you want to be successful, you need to be competitive. Even if you only believe you are competing with yourself, you need to set benchmarks and strive to exceed them each month. Many people mistake this drive as THE SINGLE key to success. It is not. While being competitive is […]

You Don’t Want Work Life Balance

Work life balance is a regular topic of discussion in some of the CEO groups I facilitate. While everyone agrees the purpose of being an entrepreneur is to have more control over your life, that control is often elusive.  Stories of business leaders missing family events, kids’ sports activities and school awards are so common, […]