How Thought Leadership Content Marketing Works

Thought leadership content marketing works but do you know why and how? Thought leadership helps to grow sales in 3 specific ways: 1). It helps boost your visibility. When you create and post new content on regular basis, people will visit more often. This is because frequency of communication builds trust with both search engines […]

Barry Conchie: Sales and Leadership | Do This Sell More Show 5

In this episode, Dave and Barry discuss: Lessons of leadership. Mindset shift before change is made. Building complementary partnerships. Variations on the sales ladder within a company.   Key Takeaways and actionable tips: Don’t operate on the pretense of success, when evidence says it won’t. We cannot assess ourselves without bias, take an objective assessment […]

Learn to Sell And Your Lifestyle Is In Your Hands

If you learn to sell, your lifestyle is in your hands. I work with people in many different industries but the majority of my clients are successful. They make enough to afford my fee and they are rewarded with a significant return on investment. While I expedite their success, and I often take them into […]

How to Close Sales Deals Fast

Are you wondering how to close sales deals fast? This video is your guide to connecting with your natural network and asking them to connect you with people who can work with you. Your natural network is the key to connecting with people who know you, like you and trust you. These are the folks […]

The Shortcut to Attracting Affluent Clients

If you are looking for the shortcut to attracting affluent clients, you’ve come to the right place. This episode of The Dave Lorenzo Daily reveals the secret I’ve been teaching my clients for years about attracting affluent clients and keeping them in your portfolio for the long term. The Shortcut to Attracting Affluent Clients This […]

How to Set Winning Sales Strategy

Everyone wants to close more deals. Everyone wants to win. Today we explore ways to set winning sales strategy and how to implement it. Here is the step-by-step guide to setting winning sales strategy. The entire strategy is set around what your best clients do. To attract more clients like your best, you must study […]

Sales Objections: How to Get Past Them and Close Deals

Sales objections happen. You can get past them and make a deal but first you must understand why they occur. “The price is too high.” “I want to think it over.” “My situation is different.” These are just some of the things prospective clients say that frustrate and annoy you. But they shouldn’t. Here’s why: […]

Four Ways to Shorten The B2B Sales Cycle

The goal of everyone in business to business sales is always to get in front of the ultimate decision-maker and help him/her solve problems. This often involves a long process. Here are four ways to shorten the B2B sales cycle broken down into a four step process. Step One: Ask for and receive a referral […]

Triple Your Referrals with This Daily Habit

What would you say if I told you there was one simple way to triple your referrals? Does it seem too good to be true? Are you curious? Watch this videos and see how simple it actually is. How to Get a Referral Easily – Do this Daily Even though it seems overly simplistic, sending […]