Unbury Yourself

A friend of mine introduced me to a CPA. The CPA has an impressive client list. There are several multi-millionaire athletes on the list. There are even a couple of billionaire (with a “B”) clients in his portfolio. My friend tells me the CPA has an amazing rapport with his clients and he (and his […]

Increase Sales With Communication Frequency

Increase sales with communication frequency. You don’t communicate with your clients often enough.  That’s why you don’t sell as much as you should.  This episode of The 60 Second Sales Show outlines a way you can boost sales, immediately, by increasing your frequency of communication. Here is the transcript of this episode. Hey they’re workplace […]

What Did You Sell Today?

What did you sell today? I have a profitable little habit I want to share with you. It’s a habit I picked up out of necessity. You know – the need to eat – the need to feed my kids. Every day I make it my mission to sell something to someone. I am in […]

Sales Focus: Open Your Eyes

All of us get caught up in our day-to-day activity. We react to ringing telephones, walk-in clients, and the crisis of the day. It is easy to become distracted while shuttling kids around, cleaning messes, and just keeping things together. Our daily activity and the demands we perceive have been thrust upon us become so […]

My Most Embarrassing Moment Will Help You With Sales

My most embarrassing moment will help you with sales. Men are notoriously bad at asking for directions. A man can be lost for an hour and he will grab a map from under the front seat of the car and try to figure out where he is going rather than pull into a gas station and […]

Four Questions You Must Answer

Most people wander aimlessly through their career. You have probably not given much thought to planning your future.  And hey, let’s face it, with the economic volatility these days, who could blame you for focusing on day-to-day survival… I could and I do blame you.  This is the perfect time to take control of your future.  Many […]

One Thing Separates Winners from Everyone Else

One thing separates winners from everyone else. You’re sitting here reading this message.  It is probably one of at least a dozen, maybe a hundred you will read today. Most likely none of them will make a measurable difference in your life. This one might. Why?  Because it is one of the best pieces of […]

No Shortcut to Sales Greatness

There is no shortcut to sales greatness.  You must put in the work. Just about every client who comes to me is looking for a pill they can take before they go to sleep.  Their goal, of course, is to wake up thin, smart and rich. I do not have such a pill. What I […]

All About Relationships

It’s all about relationships. This is the first episode of the live video show: How to Become a Sales Superstar. Here is the transcript: Hey, how’s it going? I am Dave Lorenzo, you’re here watching me on Periscope, you’re with me right now in my kitchen. The title of our show on Periscope, and also […]