Your Expertise Is Better Than A Cold Call

The best way to start a relationship is by having someone seek you out as an expert. Think about it: Who is in a better position the guy knocking on doors asking to paint your house or the instructor at the home expo demonstrating ten ways to add value to your home with color accenting? […]

Change Can Be Hair-Raising

Sales success requires change. I’ve embraced that fact but it wasn’t easy. In June, I received an unusual telephone call. It was from a media company. They wanted to know if I had an interest in working with them to develop a series of sales education products and market them via traditional and online media. […]

Systems Enable Sales

Systems Enable Sales If you want to sell more – and who doesn’t – you need to develop systems to enable your success.  This episode of the 60 Second Sales Show is all about replicating your sales success.  Imagine duplicating your best performance, over and over and over. That’s not only possible, that’s what the […]

American Airlines: I Guess You’re Not Great Now

An act of bad customer service and overt cruelty by an American Airlines lounge agent at JFK on Saturday, November 26, 2016, costs the Airlines a valuable customer who will not hesitate in telling everyone about it. Last week I put a face to something that has no place in society – let alone business. […]

You Cannot Push Your Way In Anymore

Years ago, you used to be able to barge into a home or office and interrupt people and they would listen.  If you were good, and you knew the features and benefits of your product or service, you might even make a few sales because of cold calling and knocking on doors. Sales has changed. […]

Sales Has Changed

It is time for you to face a difficult reality.  You can no longer get your product into the hands of your customer the old way. It doesn’t matter if you sell cars, consulting services, medical devices or media time, the “show-up and throw-up” method is dead. You’re familiar with that approach.  You cold call, […]

Make Business Personal

You’ve heard me say it before.  People buy from those they know, like, and trust. That’s the reason you need to let people into your world and share your personality and your opinion with them. In an earlier article, I discussed the 2016 election results and I shared my thoughts with people.  The title of […]

The Inside Story of Relationship-Based Sales

On this episode of the Sixty Second Sales Show we welcome Pat Murphy from Heartland Payment Systems. Pat is an expert on relationship-based sales and he gives us the inside scoop on making more money with relationships. Here is the transcript for this episode: Hi there, and welcome to another edition of the 60 Second Sales Show. […]

Write Like You Speak

One of the best ways to develop new relationships is through writing articles.  Traditional sales experts call this “lead generation.” While people who reach out to you for more information about your services may LEAD to business, I hate that term. Each article you write is a conversation with the reader. You share your opinion […]

Sales, Grit, Baseball and Life

You get five pitches in an at-bat in little league. My son Nick had just swung and missed on the fifth. This was with runners on first and third, with two out, and his team down by a couple of runs. I walked into the dugout from my place coaching first base and I messed […]