Tools Training and Sales

Tools and training make a huge difference in how you view sales. How do you think about sales? Is it something you want to do? Or is selling something you have to do? In my front yard, we have a small fountain. Water flows through tubing hidden inside several large stones and out a hole […]

Stop The Anger

Stop the Anger! There is a great deal of anger in the air about the results of the United States Presidential Election last week.  The results aside – people are getting angry at their friends over an opinion about politics.  This has to stop. This show is my brief commentary on the subject.  And I […]

Who Wants Your Opinion?

On November 8, 2016 we had a Presidential election in the United States and many people are still talking about the result. Most people are cautious about how and with whom they share their political opinion. They have these feelings, strong feelings, about ideology or about a person running for office and they only want […]

Vote For Yourself

Governmental leadership at the local level is important and necessary. The people who run your city, your town, or your community, have the ability to impact your life. National elections and, to some extent, even elections at the state level, are theater. During his/her term a state leader or federal official may perform a handful […]

What Costume Are You Wearing?

This article is taken from my daily live video show on Facebook on November 1, 2016.  Join us each day for more great info on relationship-based sales.   Here is the transcript of this show: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the first ever episode of this new show I’m doing on Facebook. It’s on my Facebook […]

How to Build a Body of Work

Your body of work helps reinforce your expertise. If you want to be perceived as an expert, you must have a substantial body of work behind you to support you. This podcast is a clinic on developing a body of work to help position you as an expert. Here is the transcript of this episode […]

Do This Get Business

Everyone wants to see the baby, but nobody wants to deal with the labor pains. It’s human nature. I have to work hard to get most of my clients to implement the strategies I teach. In fact, I have to sell them on the idea that taking action is the key to success. (Most people […]

Good Selling is Hitting Your Client on The Head With Value

You have to show your client the value you provide. That’s part of the sales process. Good selling is hitting your client on the head with value.  Over and over again. Have you ever felt bad for a client because they said they couldn’t pay you? Ever discounted your fee because the client told you […]

How to Use Social Media For Sales

This article is about how I use social media for sales and it will help you discover how you can use social media for sales. You sell stuff.  It doesn’t matter what business you’re in.  It doesn’t matter if you are a lawyer, a consultant, a pharmaceutical sales representative, the owner of an auto body […]

Communication is the Foundation of Trust

Communication is the foundation of trust and trust is necessary before you can ever sell anything. Most sales professionals underestimate the power of communication. Frequency of communication builds trust. This video offers some guidance on how often you should communicate with your clients and your prospective clients. Communication is the foundation of trust and the more often […]