Five Qualities Necessary for Sales Success

During this day and age of limited time and resources I am constantly being asked to boil success down to a handful of qualities. Everybody wants the five “secrets” to success. While I am hard pressed to limit the qualities of successful sales professionals to just five things, I can give you five qualities that […]

Three Best Ways to Generate Leads

All sales professionals and business leaders must be perceived as experts in their field. A client will welcome a relationship with an expert but he will dread meeting with someone selling him something. There are three ways to develop this reputation and generate leads. Here are the three ways to generate new leads. Speaking Speaking […]

Most People Will Never Use This Powerful Business Success Secret

Many business leaders say they attract new clients by networking.  I hate that word. Networking. When most of us think about networking we think about going to meetings with groups of people passing out business cards, shaking hands and trying to sell something. That’s not what I mean by networking. True networking involves understanding the […]

How to Become More Valuable To Your Client

Sometimes it is impossible to see the value we provide to others because we are too close to the day-to-day activity of our profession. This is often the situation I encounter when I speak with an entrepreneur who needs help with sales.  He is perplexed because there are other businesses in his field (or in […]

Testimonials Are The Most Important Form of Proof

How does a client know if you are the best person to solve his problem? What information will prospective clients use to make a decision on hiring you? How will a prospective client know if you and he will be a good fit? Testimonials are the most important form of proof you can provide to […]

How To Be A Good Liar

How To Be A Good Liar Lying is bad when you do it to hurt someone else.  But there are three specific occasions when it is perfectly acceptable to lie. That’s the topic of discussion today on the 60 Second Sales Show. Here is the transcript from this show: Hi there, everyone. Welcome to another […]

Girl Scouts Build Sales Skills

A couple of days ago I met someone who I am certain that I will never forget.   This was not a famous person.  This was not someone who was a business leader.  This was not a polished speaker or influential pillar of the community. This person is one of the best sales professionals I have […]

How To Promote Yourself Without Looking Like A Jerk

In a recent video I told you to brag about your accomplishments.  If YOU don’t talk about the things you do better than anyone else, nobody else will talk about them. Here’s the video (it’s less than one minute in length). What do you do if you are uncomfortable talking about yourself? One of the […]

Who Cares More?

Training intensity makes a difference. In the gym the other day I was running on the treadmill when I spotted a woman walking around with a personal trainer. Well, I smelled her before I saw her. She was wearing perfume – lots of it – and so much make-up it looked like she was headed […]