Before You Speak, Ask These Questions of Yourself

There is an expression that goes: “Think before you speak.” Talk is cheap. People say stupid things every day. You see it on social media. You see it from politicians. You see it from your friends and relatives. I’ve done it so often I had to develop a rule for myself to keep from saying […]

Key Relationship Targets

There are four groups of people who are your key relationship targets in relationship based sales. These groups are labeled: Clients, Evangelists, Prospects and Suspects.  The video below provides a brief overview of the composition of each group and their importance in the sales process. Here is the transcript from the video: When it comes […]

How To Become An Expert

Salespeople are ignored, avoided and delegated to committees.  Experts are engaged, retained, and well-compensated. Your challenge is to NOT be viewed as a salesperson and focus on how to become an expert in your field. You think you’re a salesperson, or a lawyer, or a restaurant owner, or an entrepreneur.  But you’re not.  You’re actually […]

People Should Love You or Hate You

You may have noticed an uptick in the communication from me lately. That’s by design. When I’m not teaching you what to do to grow your revenue, I’m demonstrating it to you. I’ve reengineered my email system to improve deliverability and I’ve also got a new website. I post valuable content every day. You can […]

Affluence Follows Action

I’m writing this article ten days into my fiftieth year on Earth. My journey thus far has taught me many things but one of the most valuable lessons I learned came early on in my career.  In my final semester in college, I worked as a bellman in a Marriott hotel in New York. Being […]

Relationship Revenue An Overview

Relationship revenue must be your focus. If you are an entrepreneur, business leader, sales professional, attorney or any type of professional service provider, the only way you can grow with reduced personal labor intensity is through leverage. That means relationship revenue is a must. This video explains what relationship revenue is and why you need […]

Relationship Development Checklist

Pilots use checklists to make sure they don’t forget anything when preparing to fly a plane. Chef’s use checklists (called recipes) when preparing a special dish for diners to enjoy. Scientists use checklists when doing research on new pharmaceutical products to cure diseases. You need a checklist to help develop and maintain valuable connections that […]

Experiences Deepen Relationships

As an individual representing a company, to your clients, you ARE the company. This is an important point, so I will restate it. The lens through which your client views your entire company is you. Here is an example: I recently needed to buy a new car for my wife to use to shuttle the […]

You Have Time to Sell

The most common excuse I hear for not developing relationships is: “I don’t have the time.” Entrepreneurs say it because they make lots of decisions and they like to feel like they are on top of things. Sales professionals say it because they are too busy wasting time trying to find shortcuts that don’t exist. […]

Add Value to Relationships with Frequency of Communication

One of the first things I ask my clients to do is initiate a regular communication schedule with their clients, prospective clients and evangelists.  This frequency of communication establishes a foundation of trust for the relationship.  This video explains this concept in detail. Video Transcript Frequency of communication builds trust, I’ve been saying that for […]