What To Do To Get Sales On Track

Many people come to me because they want to get their sales on track.  If this is you and something happened along the way and you got off track, realize  that’s not unusual. Our relationship is one where I serve as the gentle nudge to get you focused on things that will make a difference […]

Sales Quotes: Why We Love Them

Sales quotes are great. Everyone loves the inspiration they feel when they read something powerful from a respected, successful person. In bad times these quotes can get us through a rough moment. During  good times, we often see our own actions in these words of business wisdom. While doing research for articles targeting salespeople, I […]

How To Sell Anything To Anyone

A few weeks ago I recorded a video with the title: High-Ticket Sales Expert Reveals: How To Sell Anything to Anyone. This video set off a chain reaction of events that can only be described as “amazing.” First, please watch the video: High-Ticket Sales Expert Reveals: How To Sell Anything to Anyone Demonstrating value before […]

April Showers of Sales Training

This week the Sunday Summary contains a massive amount of Sales Training information. I produced so much content it is difficult to pick just a few pieces as the most valuable. I don’t spend a great deal of time talking about how many hours I put in to content development. There are people who do […]

How To Connect With Affluent Clients

If you’re wondering how to connect with affluent clients, this is the video for you. This is a good starting point for people who want to work with families of wealth. How to Connect with Affluent Clients When my clients come to me looking to work with families of wealth, I have them focus on […]

Alan Weiss: No Guilt, No Fear, No Peer | Do This Sell More Show 2

In this episode, Dave and Alan discuss: Moving beyond your own cocoon and taking in the rest of the world. Differentiating yourself as someone you and others want to know. Networking – it’s a process, not an event. Creating and maintaining a healthy self-esteem when you’re an independent professional or sales executive.   Key Takeaways […]

Welcome to Do This Sell More with Dave Lorenzo

Make a Great Living and Live a Great Life®️ Welcome to Do This Sell More! In this podcast, you will learn how to develop more and deeper relationships to make more money and still get home on time every night. Dave introduces himself and why you should listen to this show. You can change everything […]