Step 6: Provide Powerful Proof

This is step 6 in the free sales course. The title is: Provide Powerful Proof. Step Six: Provide Powerful Proof Now it’s time for step six: provide powerful proof. The reason you need to provide powerful proof is, number one, to demonstrate your credibility, to demonstrate that you’re an expert in doing what you do. […]

Step 5: Follow-up Unit They Buy or Die

This is step 5 in the free sales course. The title is: Follow-up Until They Buy of Die. Step Five: Follow-up Until They Buy Or Die Now we’ve moved onto step number five: Follow up until they buy or die. That’s an expression that I love because it really communicates the impact that follow up […]

Step 4: Test Their IQ – The Qualification

This is step 4 in the process. The title is: Test Their IQ – The Qualification. Step Four: Test Their IQ – The Qualification Step Four is the testing of the IQ. The second step, the qualification. We need to qualify everyone we suspect will be a good client for us, and we need to […]

Step 3: Test Their IQ – The Invitation

This is step 3 in the free sales course. It is titled Test Their IQ – The Invitation. Step 3:  Test Their IQ – The Invitation Step 3 is the first in a 2-part testing the IQ of the client. I use IQ because it’s an acronym for invitation and qualification. In step 3, we’re […]

Step 1: Ruthlessly Evaluate Every Relationship

This is step one in the free sales course. The title is: Ruthlessly Evaluate Every Relationship Step One: Ruthlessly Evaluate All Relationships Step one in our process is to ruthlessly evaluate all of your relationships. We’re going to break these relationships into four categories. I want you to look at everyone you’ve come into contact […]

Introduction to Free Sales Course

This is the introduction to the free sales course. Introduction to 60 Second Sales Course Think of a time when you romanced a client for months and months on end, maybe even a year or longer. Think of all the effort you put into that, and then the payoff at the end wasn’t what you […]