Four Most Important People In Sales

Selling requires great communication. You listen to people in your target audience and you come up with solutions to their problems. In order to motivate them to take action, the your marketing message must be relevant and it must be delivered in a way that will resonate with the target audience. There are four primary […]

Speed Without Quality Is Death

Speed without quality means the death of any sales relationship. I recorded this Facebook Live session in front of the Merchant of Death, McDonalds. McDonalds provides food that will ultimately kill you but they do it quickly. When you develop a relationship quickly without all the elements we include in the 60 Second Sales process, […]

Speak Often Sell More

“Speak often sell more.” That is one of the first things I stress to my clients. Frequency of communication deepens relationships. Many people are afraid they will annoy their clients and prospective clients if they communicate with them too often. They ask:  “Is a weekly email newsletter too much?” Here’s how I answer that question: Think […]

The Worst Number In Sales

ONE is the worst number in sales. Yet every business owner, sales executive and professional is obsessed with it. Everybody wants that ONE great client that they can live off. To get that client, most people call me looking for the ONE way to boost their revenue or the ONE thing they should be doing […]

I Have a Problem Sell Me The Solution

I have a problem… Most people believe this phrase is the beginning of some thing bad. You know better. When a client walks into your office and utters these words it can be the beginning of a great relationship. Selling is solving problems in exchange for financial compensation. The purpose of the 60 second sales […]

How To Close Deals Fast

How To Close Deals Fast Hey there Workplace Warriors. It’s Dave Lorenzo and this is, The 60 Second Sale Show. I’m the guy who helps you close more deals, fast, and today I’m going to remind you that we’re in the business of building relationships. When we build relationships we close deals, and we do […]

Grow Sales Or Die

It sounds dramatic but you must grow sales or your business will die. That is a fact. The 60 Second Sales Process is about growth. I’m concerned there isn’t enough emphasis on revenue growth in most businesses. Need some examples? Look at nature: When you plant flowers in the fall, they germinate under the comfort […]

Improve Sales: Decide Where You Will Plug In

The best way to improve sales is to decide where you will plug in. Allow me to explain. One of my favorite quotes is associated with the founder of The National Speakers Association, Cavett Robert. He said: “Most people are walking around, umbilical cord in hand, looking for a new place to plug it in…” […]

Rule 1 In Sales: Respect Time

The first rule of sales: Respect time. Respect the time people give you to speak with them.  Respect the time you have set aside to sell.  Respect the time you have to spend with your family, friends and personal commitments. I cannot stand it when people do not respect a schedule. It’s something that bugs […]

How To Turn Around A Bad Day

Sometimes sales success means you must turn around a bad day. In fact, in selling, you’ll have more bad days than good ones.  Being able to turn around a bad day is a valuable skill. A couple of years ago I planned a trip to Chicago for a convention. This involved travel of over 1,500 […]