How To Create Urgency

Closing deals faster requires you create urgency. There are three ideal ways to create urgency: Appeal to self-interest Make a time-sensitive offer Inject emotion into the deal Sometimes just one of these is enough to get the deal done and sometimes you need to leverage all three of them. This video (recorded from my Facebook […]

Keep Going

Success in sales is summed up in two words: Keep going. No matter what happens keep going. The most important quality in business is persistence. Back when I worked with a large consulting firm I consulted with FORTUNE 500 companies.   Each year I would hang a list on my office wall of “future clients”.  The […]

Selling Is Helping

Selling is helping. Most people have the wrong idea about sales. They think you “show up and throw up” meaning you walk into a client’s office and make a presentation with the hope he will magically be convinced you have something he needs…right now. It is this approach and the attitude behind it that have […]

How To Sell To The CEO

Right now the CEO of a large company is lying awake, staring at the ceiling, wondering how he is going to handle a serious issue.   He wants help.  He wants to call someone who can ease his anxiety. You may never have thought about selling to the CEO, but you should. The CEO is a […]

How To Get More Clients Today

Do you want to know how to get more clients today? Of course you do. Most of my clients want a sexy new internet trick that will help them get new clients. The most successful business people I know still use lots of old fashioned strategies to attract clients and deepen relationships. Here are three […]

Boost Sales By Speaking

One of the fastest ways to boost your sales is through using speaking engagements. Here is a case study of one of my clients and his experience using public speaking to grow his sales. Many people use speaking engagements as a way to develop business.  Yet many of the folks I work with have a […]

Answer And Predict Your Future

I have an important question for you about your personal development. Your answer will allow me to predict your financial future. What do you know today about your clients, your industry, and yourself that you didn’t know yesterday? People who can answer that question will always out-earn people who cannot. Is this question about intelligence?  […]

Get Serious About Sales

There are many people looking to monopolize your time and attention. You need to be serious about sales. This means choosing wisely with your time. How do you decide in whom to invest? This decision is as important, if not more important than a financial investment. Time is all you have.  You can spend it […]

Sell More: Let Go of the Past

Let go of the past and you sell more. During my freshman year of college I had the good fortune to share a dorm room with a 35 year old former fireman from Brooklyn.  This guy, named Tony, lived the equivalent of three lifetimes before I met him (including one as a semi-tough guy working […]