Punch Buddha In The Face

By now your New Year’s resolution has fallen by the wayside and we can get down to business. It’s okay that you’ve abandoned the stupid ideas that you were going to stop watching reality TV shows, give up sweets and alcohol, and stop screaming at your kids. Why are they stupid?  Because they are framed […]

Don’t Wear Sweatpants on a Plane

What does wearing sweatpants on a plane say about you? Wondering what I think about this? Here are my thoughts about this and a few other things today.   Here is a transcript of the video: In case you’re wondering what I’m thinking, I figured I’d share my thoughts with you. You need to upgrade […]

Can Your Grandma Describe What You Do?

The people in your natural network must be able to sell you. That means your grandma must be able to explain what you do. Actually, it goes beyond that. Granny must be able to: Tell others what you do. Discuss the value you provide. Make a connection to you (If someone she knows has a […]

You Choose Your Clients

Conventional wisdom in sales is that everyone is a potential customer.  You hustle as much as you can, get in front of as many people as possible, and always be closing (ABC).  Following this thinking, your clients decide if they want to work with you and then you feel an obligation to accept them. Basically, […]

How to Overcome Fear and Sell More

Why am I resisting taking action to get what I want? That’s the question you need to ask yourself. Most often, the reason people don’t take action is fear. Specifically, Fear of Failure or Fear of Success. Want to know more? Watch the video below. Here is the transcript of this video. Why are you […]

Sell With Your Passion

Last week I had an opportunity to do something I truly enjoy. This past Thursday and Friday I worked with a group of smart business leaders at the Strategic Sales Academy.  During our time together, I shared successful sales scripts, debunked some myths, and helped the attendees adapt my system to their business strategy. This […]

Never Dumb It Down When Selling

When it comes to language, never dumb it down when selling. Have you ever found yourself altering your language because you think people won’t understand you? Stop doing that. Why? Three reasons: Reason One: When you dumb it down when selling, you appear patronizing.  If you obviously alter your vocabulary, people will feel insulted. That […]

Tell Your Own Story

If you use publishing or public speaking to sell, you need to tell your own story.  This means do not repeat a story you heard from someone else as if it is your own.  This video provides you with three reasons why. Here is a transcript of the video: I’m putting together the content again […]