Seven Step Sales Prospecting Checklist With No Cold Calls

If you are looking for the ultimate sales prospecting checklist, with no cold calls, look no further. This is the step-by-step guide to relationship-based sales that will help you grow your business without ever banging on a door or calling a stranger. Most people think of sales prospecting as calling strangers, introducing yourself and trying […]

My Pain Your Gain

This is the Sunday Summary. It is a recap of the information I’ve shared with you on my website and on multiple forms of Social Media during the past week. This is for the week that ended January 26, 2019 and I created and posted over 20 videos this week on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. […]

Connecting People Closing Sales

Today’s Dave Lorenzo Daily focuses on connecting people, closing sales and making money. When you host a client appreciation event and that event focuses on connecting people it will also help you with closing sales. A client appreciation event is one during which you bring your clients together and introduce them to each other.  You […]

Close More Sales Deals With Urgency and Patience

Each day I help people with tough decisions. I know you hear a great deal from me about sales, because that is the focus of my communications plan, but the bulk of my work is in counseling business leaders on strategy.  The come to me for fresh eyes and clear thinking.  While I often preach […]

How To Overcome Fear in Sales and Business

How to Overcome Fear in Sales and Business: A livestream video broadcast on The Dave Lorenzo Youtube Channel The video below w is my first attempt at a live stream on YouTube.  As you can imagine, there were dozens of hiccups (including me, not knowing if we were actually broadcasting). In the end, it work […]

Four Elements of a Winning Sales Attitude

This is a video show I released on YouTube titled Four Elements of a Winning Sales Attitude. Here is the video: Four Elements of a Winning Sales Attitude Today’s focus points video show is about your attitude. That’s right! It’s about your attitude. There are four elements of your attitude that you need to manage […]

Adversity, Fun and Focus on Your Why

Today’s Tuesday Talk was live on Facebook at 8:15AM and the replay is now on YouTube.  The video is posted below along with the transcript. We started off the show with a a discussion about diversity. I told a story about how I made a mistake and lost a client. This loss focused my efforts […]

Messy Success vs. Neat Failure

This is the first episode of my new show on Facebook Live titled TUESDAY TALK.  Today we cover three topics: Would You Rather Have a Messy Success or a Neat Failure Everyone now Has Their Own Media Company. How will you use yours? Figure out what you want first, then go out and sell so […]