How To Recognize Buying Signals | DTSM 85

In this show we cover 5 ways to recognize buying signals. Buying Signals in Sales Training tip 1: Prospect comes into your office for a consultation. Buying signals over the phone are similar. The prospect calls your office for a consultation. Buying Signals in Sales Training tip 2: The prospect comes to an event you […]

How To Break Out Of A Sales Slump | DTSM 84

What do you do when sales are down? In this show, I give you five ideas for how to get out of a sales slump. I talk about the importance a positive attitude and the benefits of self confidence to get you back in business. Keep in mind that it hasn’t been long since you […]

How To Handle Rejection In Sales | DTSM 83

As salespeople – and as human beings – we inevitably face rejection from time to time. In this show, I explain how to handle rejection in sales. I talk about the importance of believing in yourself to get past the negative aspect of selling we all dread – the moment someone says “no.” We all […]

How A Sales Coach Can Help With B2B Sales | DTSM 82

➜ Why a coach is a great resource for mastering the B2B sales experience ➜ The benefits of having a mentor in sales ➜ How to find and hire the right sales coach No matter what you’re doing in life, there’s no way to make progress without learning from others. Whether it’s art, sports, or […]

How To Overcome The 6 Most Common Objections In Sales

Understanding the psychology of buying is an essential part of overcoming common sales objections. In this tutorial, I give you six sales objection handling examples that you can copy and use to put objections to rest. Here are those six sales objection handling examples: – Unspoken objections. Sometimes customers have objections that they can’t quite […]