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Your Best Month Ever

What was your greatest success last month? Today is Monday, May 1, 2017. It is the beginning of a new month. The beginning of a new week. Friday I had meetings with clients with two different points of view. Client A: “This is the last work day of the month. Thank goodness. This has been […]

Stop Complaining Get More Referrals

The reason people are not referring business to you is because you complain too much. Your friends and family are probably sick of your negative attitude as well. Seriously. People want to be around positive people. Here’s what you need to do: Stop complaining and you’ll get more referrals. It’s that simple. Provide a great […]

American Airlines: I Guess You’re Not Great Now

An act of bad customer service and overt cruelty by an American Airlines lounge agent at JFK on Saturday, November 26, 2016, costs the Airlines a valuable customer who will not hesitate in telling everyone about it. Last week I put a face to something that has no place in society – let alone business. […]

Write Like You Speak

One of the best ways to develop new relationships is through writing articles.  Traditional sales experts call this “lead generation.” While people who reach out to you for more information about your services may LEAD to business, I hate that term. Each article you write is a conversation with the reader. You share your opinion […]

Sales, Grit, Baseball and Life

You get five pitches in an at-bat in little league. My son Nick had just swung and missed on the fifth. This was with runners on first and third, with two out, and his team down by a couple of runs. I walked into the dugout from my place coaching first base and I messed […]

Stop The Anger

Stop the Anger! There is a great deal of anger in the air about the results of the United States Presidential Election last week.  The results aside – people are getting angry at their friends over an opinion about politics.  This has to stop. This show is my brief commentary on the subject.  And I […]

Who Wants Your Opinion?

On November 8, 2016 we had a Presidential election in the United States and many people are still talking about the result. Most people are cautious about how and with whom they share their political opinion. They have these feelings, strong feelings, about ideology or about a person running for office and they only want […]

Put On Your Bulletproof Underwear

Success in sales means you must put on bulletproof underwear. That means you must be immune to criticism. This article describes why. There is one quality that has served me well throughout my entire career.  It’s not something I was born with, but over the years I have come to regard it as probably the […]

Don’t Feel Like Selling? Read This

Most of my days are spent helping business leaders solve a problem or reach a goal. Occasionally, the problem is not a business difficulty but an issue with the business leader himself. I’m not talking about a psychological issue (there are some of those) but a general funk or malaise. You know what I mean.  […]

You’re Depressing Me

My career (after college) began as a housekeeping manager in a hotel. It is hard to find a less glamorous position. Ten-hour work days were required but twelve-hour days were the norm, and eighteen-hour days were not uncommon.  The pay was low and the responsibility was high.  We had 444 rooms in our hotel and […]