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Three Habits GUARANTEED To Get You 20 Referrals

There are three habits that are foolproof and guaranteed to get you new referrals. Dave Lorenzo reveals them in today’s show. Listen now. Season 2 Show 64 Episode 185 These three habits work like magic. They will take you only 20 minutes to do each day. Do you like referrals? Do you like building relationships? […]

What Is It Like to Test a COVID Vaccine? Dave Shares His Experience

Dave Lorenzo shares his experience participating in the Janssen Vaccine Trial. Season 2 Show 63 Episode 183 Dave Lorenzo gives you an in-depth guide to the Janssen vaccine trial. Want to know if the vaccine is safe? Interested in learning about the different types of vaccines? Curious about vaccine side effects? Wondering when you’ll get […]

How to Get Ready for 2021

There is a plan I have my clients follow to get ready for a new year. We start in early November. One month ago I met with my Inner Circle Business Development Community and outlined this strategy. This is an audio recording of that session. Season 2 Show 61 Episode 181 If you only listen […]

Never Trust People Who Are Late

Show up on time. Fail to do either of these and you’re not to be trusted. Does that sound harsh? It isn’t. It’s just good business. Listen to this show and save yourself from being judged harshly by clients, friends and people who want to refer you business. Season 2 Show 60 Episode 180 Rule […]

Repetition as a Persuasion Tool: It Works

Repetition is an outstanding persuasion tool. The more we hear something the more likely we are to believe it. This episode takes us inside the secret of repetition as a tool for sales and marketing. Season 2 Show 59 Episode 179 Dave Lorenzo gives you the Inside BS of Persuasion with repetition in today’s show. […]

Who’s Next?

Two words make all the difference between controlling your future and being at the mercy of someone else.   Two words make the difference between freedom and someone shoving work down your throat. Two words either make you the person spilling the soup or the poor stooge getting the soup dropped on him.  Those two words: […]

Do This Get Clients

Everyone wants to see the baby, but nobody wants to deal with the labor pains. It’s human nature. I have to work hard to get most of my clients to implement the strategies I teach. I have to sell them on the idea that taking action is the key to success. (Most people believe that […]

How Smart Lawyers Grow in a Bad Economy

The growth of your income is based upon the strength of your network. The people you associate with most often define you. When it comes to referrals, the people you associate with will make or break you. If you have not received a referral in the past 90 days, you need to upgrade the people […]

The Truth About Lawyers and Referrals

You commit marketing malpractice every day. There are dozens of people who want to refer you, but you ignore them. You claim to be “too busy” doing legal work. You always say you didn’t go to law school to “become a salesperson.” But your claims are not only untrue; they are foolhardy. I’m not writing […]

Nobody Respects a Cheap Lawyer

You are a good lawyer. You might even be one of the best in town. Yet at the end of the day, you have a conversation with your partner or spouse, and it goes something like this: “I do not understand why I keep getting these crappy clients. They demand EVERYTHING, and they wanted it […]