Archives for: September 18th, 2016

Forget Branding: Focus On Sales

Will you please forget branding? Too many sales professionals and entrepreneurs are so concerned about their “brand” they forget to sell. It happened again yesterday. I received a telephone call from a business leader with a small but growing company. He just signed a contract with an “advertising company” to improve his brand. He was […]

How To Achieve Your Goals

Setting goals is one of the most important elements of success. But a goal is just a wish until you take action toward achieving it. There is one step in between setting the goal and taking the action that you cannot forget. You need to visualize the success you will have when you achieve the […]

What Are We Doing Here

I ask lots of questions. “What are we doing here?” is one of my favorites. I say it all the time. It’s my way of seeking clarity. It’s also my way of making sure key decisions are in alignment with your core values. Let me give you some examples. In an office with a marketing […]

Sales Pros Never Quit

Things are tough for sales professionals. Although many will blame the economy for their lack of success, the truth is that a lack of persistent, aggressive activity is really to blame. Consider these statistics from a business study conducted by Herbert True of the University of Notre Dame: 2% of all sales are made on […]

How Do You Know How Strong You Are?

How do you know how strong you really are? This is an odd question, I know, but the answer is incredibly valuable. Toughness is not always about being able to cut a good deal. My client base is made up of entrepreneurs, sales professionals and attorneys. All of these folks have to be tough in […]

Your Emotions Are Killing Your Sales Opportunity

Your emotions are killing your sales opportunity. We cannot control everything in life. We plan. We prepare. We discuss. But ultimately, some things will be out of our hands. We can control how we react – in every situation. I don’t just mean physical control. I also mean emotional control. It seems impossible but our […]

Say No To Grow Sales

Say No To Grow Sales Sometimes you have to say no to grow sales. You control your business.  Don’t ever forget that. This episode of The 60 Second Sales Show empowers you to take back control of your future by using the shortest yet most powerful expression: The word “NO.” Sales and marketing expert Dave […]

Fifteen Years One Thing Hasn’t Changed

My kids came home from school and asked me about 9/11. It has been 15 years and the memories are as clear in my mind as the sky that morning. Before I began to tell them about my experience, I wanted to hear what they learned. Nick (age 7) told me a factually accurate account […]

Pride Is Expensive

Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. Ten years ago I wrote a thesis for my Masters Degree in Strategic Communications. The hypothesis: If you make an emotional connection with clients you can increase the lifetime value of those relationships to your company. I proved the premise and used it in my role as a […]

Old School Sales Tools Still Work

Most of my clients want a sexy new trick that will help them close deals. The most successful business leaders still use lots of old fashioned strategies to attract clients and deepen relationships. Here are three things you can do TODAY to attract more clients. The good news: They require no investment whatsoever. Talk to […]