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You’re Not a Lawyer You’re a Salesman

Last Thursday I was on the phone with a successful attorney and his question reminded me of something valuable I discovered years ago. About midway through the conversation, the lawyer said: “Dave, I don’t want to practice law. I want to invite clients into my office, listen to their problems, and offer to help them […]

My Bad Decision

I got divorced 17 years ago. I was married less than a year. In hindsight, there were signs I should never should have gotten married in the first place. Subconsciously, I knew it was a mistake.  But I went through with the wedding and endured the pain of the divorce process. Why did I do […]

Thoughts On Writing and Sanity

Everything I do starts with words on a page. Well, words on a screen. These days video rules. Everyone wants the instant gratification video provides.  I love video too but at heart, I am a writer. Today, I started a column on Medium, and I write about how daily writing helps keep you sane. If […]

Your Best Month Ever

What was your greatest success last month? Today is Monday, May 1, 2017. It is the beginning of a new month. The beginning of a new week. Friday I had meetings with clients with two different points of view. Client A: “This is the last work day of the month. Thank goodness. This has been […]

Push The Reset Button

When I was ten- years-old my parents bought me an Atari Video Game system.  I loved that thing.  I was only allowed to play with it on weekends and holidays (so it didn’t interfere with my school work) and I looked forward to getting a new game each week and mastering it. Of course, the […]

How to Get Ready for a New Year

How to Get Ready for a New Year This episode of the 60 Second Sales Show is all about how to get for a New Year. If you want to make sure you are on track to make the upcoming year your best, this is the show for you. Listen now and follow along with […]

Personal Strategic Planning the Easy Way

Do you have a personal strategic plan? If you’re like most people, you’ve never given this any thought. Yeah, I know. You write goals each year. But by the middle of the following month you’ve completely abandon them. You want to achieve them but somehow you always seem to get off track. It’s not your […]

How To Sell In A Regulated Environment

How to Sell In a Regulated Environment Do you sell a product or service under strict scrutiny by the government? Are you looking to make progress in the healthcare, medical or dental industry? Isn’t it frustrating working with a long sales cycle? Selling in a regulated environment is a challenge but it doesn’t have to […]

Stop Complaining Get More Referrals

The reason people are not referring business to you is because you complain too much. Your friends and family are probably sick of your negative attitude as well. Seriously. People want to be around positive people. Here’s what you need to do: Stop complaining and you’ll get more referrals. It’s that simple. Provide a great […]

Your Expertise Is Better Than A Cold Call

The best way to start a relationship is by having someone seek you out as an expert. Think about it: Who is in a better position the guy knocking on doors asking to paint your house or the instructor at the home expo demonstrating ten ways to add value to your home with color accenting? […]