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How to Make More Money and Get More Sleep

Lack of sales keeping you awake? Many sales professionals are having a hard time sleeping these days. They are worried about money. The bills are coming in quickly and the clients have disappeared. This keeps them awake at night. You are good at your craft. But no matter how many times you add the numbers […]

How to Sell When You Need Money Quickly

How to Sell When You Need Money Quickly Hi, everybody. Welcome to the 60 Second Sale Show. I’m Dave Lorenzo. Today’s show is about the question that’s on everybody’s mind. That’s right. I’m talking to you. Today’s show is all about what to do when you need money quickly. At least, and this is absolutely […]

Seven Ways to Sell Today

You want to know what you can do today to attract more clients. I get it. There’s noting wrong with wanting specifics. Here are seven ways to sell today. The thing to remember about each of these tactics – they are cumulative – meaning the longer you do them, the more powerful they become. Seven […]

How to Convince People to Take Your Advice

To be great at sales you must be able to convince people to take your advice. Do people regularly ask for your opinion and then do their own thing? Are you amazed when people pay you for your advice and then immediately disregard it? Have you ever wondered why this happens? The answer lies not […]

How to Create a Culture of Sales Success

Have you ever wondered why some companies struggle just to get by while others flourish? One of my clients, Phil, was promoted to Managing Director of a medium size law firm in South Florida a little more than a year ago. His firm was heavily into representing condominium associations and real estate transactional work. Phil […]

Inside The Mind of The Client

What are your clients thinking before they make a decision to buy what you are selling? If you knew the answer to that question you would be able to influence the decision of everyone who inquired about your services. People make important decisions in predictable ways. This information is critical to your success in sales. […]

The First Sale Is To Yourself

Sitting down with a prospective client is always an interesting and exciting experience for me. I meet many sales leaders through referrals and I feel obligated (to the party who referred me) to have a conversation with everyone who is sent my way. These are not “highly qualified” prospects. Meaning that they don’t come to […]

No Time For Jerks

Most people are fundamentally good. They want the best for their family, themselves, and others. But occasionally we come across someone who is, at his core, not good. I’m not talking about the mentally ill people at the fringe of society (like someone who shoots up a movie theater full of people). I’m talking about […]

Unbury Yourself

A friend of mine introduced me to a CPA. The CPA has an impressive client list. There are several multi-millionaire athletes on the list. There are even a couple of billionaire (with a “B”) clients in his portfolio. My friend tells me the CPA has an amazing rapport with his clients and he (and his […]

Increase Sales With Communication Frequency

Increase sales with communication frequency. You don’t communicate with your clients often enough.  That’s why you don’t sell as much as you should.  This episode of The 60 Second Sales Show outlines a way you can boost sales, immediately, by increasing your frequency of communication. Here is the transcript of this episode. Hey they’re workplace […]