Archives for: October 31st, 2016

How To Improve Self-Esteem

Self-esteem is the most important aspect of sales. You are who you think you are! If you want to grow your book of business you must think of yourself as the person you want to be. For example: You have two widely different sales years. In year one you close $1 million in new business and […]

How to Attract Great Clients

Around my office, we have a saying. “We attract the clients we deserve.” This means if I provide valuable experiences, offer outstanding service and deliver an exceptional work product, I will attract amazing clients. In reality, that’s only part of the equation. Attracting great clients also requires respecting myself and the value I provide and […]

Put On Your Bulletproof Underwear

Success in sales means you must put on bulletproof underwear. That means you must be immune to criticism. This article describes why. There is one quality that has served me well throughout my entire career.  It’s not something I was born with, but over the years I have come to regard it as probably the […]

It Is Easy To Be A Jerk

Last Saturday I took my kids to the park to play baseball (and also to give my wife a couple of hours of peace and quiet).   My son did some fielding drills while my daughter (who is only 4 years old) played an excellent first base and snagged almost everything he threw at her. The […]

Leverage Strengths: Claim Your Territory

The key to success in sales and in business is to leverage your strengths. Focus on maximizing the things at which you excel and ask for help in all other areas. In my backyard, just beyond the fence that separates our pool from the wildlife, is the Florida Everglades. It begins with a little lake […]

The Ask

The Ask That is the title of this week’s episode of the 60 Second Sales Show. On this show, we discuss the four things you should ask for in a meeting. They are: Ask for business – sell something Ask for a referral Ask for a testimonial Ask to keep in touch We go into […]

Three Ways to Generate Sales Leads

Smart sales professionals use leverage to generate sales leads. You probably haven’t given this too much thought. In this article I outline three ways to attract people who want to do business with you. One of the benefits of my relationship-based sales system is the ability attract clients quickly.  If you’re like most sales professionals, […]

Only Three Ways To Grow

Growing a business is not mysterious. There are only three ways to do it: 1). Attract more clients 2). Convince existing clients to purchase more frequently 3). Offer additional value to existing clients Most business leaders think only of the first way.  They spend most of their time, money and effort looking for the new […]

Don’t Feel Like Selling? Read This

Most of my days are spent helping business leaders solve a problem or reach a goal. Occasionally, the problem is not a business difficulty but an issue with the business leader himself. I’m not talking about a psychological issue (there are some of those) but a general funk or malaise. You know what I mean.  […]

Secret of Successful Entrepreneur Revealed at Dinner Party

One of the most powerful business lessons I learned came during a dinner party. About a year ago an entrepreneur joined our family for dinner.  He just completed a deal in which he purchased, rehabilitated, and sold a business for a 300% profit in just 26 months. I thought this was an amazing turnaround.  He […]