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Old School Sales Tools Still Work

Most of my clients want a sexy new trick that will help them close deals. The most successful business leaders still use lots of old fashioned strategies to attract clients and deepen relationships. Here are three things you can do TODAY to attract more clients. The good news: They require no investment whatsoever. Talk to […]

How To Get Going On Your Next Big Idea

Remember the last big idea you had? Remember what happened with it? Not great right? Here’s how you take massive action on your next big idea. All of us struggle with motivation. Nobody can motivate us to do something. We must motivate ourselves. There is a way to convince yourself that this is the time […]

How To Limit Sales Risk

You face a huge amount of sales risk and you’re probably not ever aware of it. This article highlights the three types of sales risk you must address now. Most people hate to think about risk. Human nature forces us to focus on the good things vs. the bad things that can happen. It is […]

Sales Success Is In Your Head

There are three things that separate successful people from those who remain stuck in “neutral.” These three things are not taught in any school. They’re not found in a book or on a website. They’re not special techniques you can learn from a guru. These three things are personal qualities. They’re part of your behavior. […]

Transform Your FAKE Sales Process into a FREE Sales Process

In this episode, Dave talks about how to take your Frustrating Annoying Killing you Everyday sales process and transform it into a Fun Rewarding Easy and Engaging sales process. Here is the transcript: Hi there, everyone and welcome to another edition of this 60-second sales show. I am Dave Lorenzo, I’m your host and I’m the […]

Sales Productivity: Focus On Progress Not Perfection

Do you want to get more done each day? Are you struggling with productivity? Have you wondered how others, including your competitors, make things happen rapidly while you struggle just to get through the day? If you answered “YES” to any of these questions, I’ve got a great video for you to watch.     […]

Money You Are Leaving On The Table

There are hundreds of strategies I review with my clients. If executed correctly, these strategies produce hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue. You don’t have to agree with them. You just have to implement them. Most sales professionals think selling is about brute force. You kick in the front door and you start making […]

Most Important Quality For Sales Professional

People ask me all the time: “What is the most important quality for sales professional?” If you’ve ever sold anything or attempted to sell anything, you know about rejection. If you have ever played a competitive sport or even a board game in your home, you know about bouncing back from a loss. If you […]

More Money And More Free Time: It’s Easier Than You Think

You’re doing a great job. Everyone who works with you says it. You’re working hard. You focus on the issues that are most important to your clients. You have mastery of your craft and you’re at the top of your game. So how come you can’t get out of the office on time? Why has […]

What Your Fee Says About You

Want to know what your fee says about you? Think about this: When was the last time you went to a fancy restaurant? Fine table linen. Impeccable wine list. Great service. Yet from the moment you entered until the last dessert plate was cleared, one thing was in the back of your mind. The bill. […]