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The Rainmaker is Dead…Long Live the Rainmaker

In March 2008 I invested in developing a website on cutting edge software called Expression Engine. The software made it easy to update the website each day with new articles. Blogging was the rage. Since I was working almost exclusively with attorneys back then, it was natural to host the blog at That website soared […]

Michele Barard: Discovering Your Superpower | Do This Sell More Show 7

The Do This Sell More Show is a weekly interview between Dave Lorenzo and a special guest. This week Dave’s guest is Michele Barard. In this episode, Dave and Michele discuss: Michele’s mission to help 350 women become entrepreneurs by starting or expanding their side hustles. Success stories in her career. Converting your passion into […]

What Is Your YouTube Strategy?

Each December I do an analysis of my client relationships.  Among the criteria I use to measure relationship strength are: Dollars Invested, Referrals, and Compliance (if the client does what I recommend).  I cross reference these key performance indicators with client acquisition. In December of 2018 I had ten full years of data to use […]

Talking About Objections In Sales

Objections in sales are inevitable. You’re going to get them.  There are reasons why people don’t say “yes” immediately. Although you can’t avoid them, you can prepare more throughly for the conversation so you don’t receive as many objections. On the Dave Lorenzo Daily YouTube Channel I have created a Sales Objections playlist to help […]

Don’t Make This Sales Leadership Mistake

There is one devastating sales leadership mistake almost all businesses make and in writing this article, I hope to help you avoid it. That mistake: Elevating the top producing salesperson into a management role. This decision will kill your sales productivity. Here are the reasons why: You Lose Your Top Producer From the Sales Team […]

In Sales When Do You Give Up?

In sales, when do you give up? How do you answer this question? I can’t answer that question for you. Everyone has their limit and those limits vary based upon pressure, pain and the problem they are facing. Here’s what I know for sure: Successful people don’t view “giving up” as a failure. They dedicate their […]

How Thought Leadership Content Marketing Works

Thought leadership content marketing works but do you know why and how? Thought leadership helps to grow sales in 3 specific ways: 1). It helps boost your visibility. When you create and post new content on regular basis, people will visit more often. This is because frequency of communication builds trust with both search engines […]

Barry Conchie: Sales and Leadership | Do This Sell More Show 5

The Do This Sell More Show is a weekly interview between Dave Lorenzo and a special guest. This week Dave’s guest is Barry Conchie. In this episode, Dave and Barry discuss: Lessons of leadership. Mindset shift before change is made. Building complementary partnerships. Variations on the sales ladder within a company.   Key Takeaways and […]

Learn to Sell And Your Lifestyle Is In Your Hands

If you learn to sell, your lifestyle is in your hands. I work with people in many different industries but the majority of my clients are successful. They make enough to afford my fee and they are rewarded with a significant return on investment. While I expedite their success, and I often take them into […]