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My Most Embarrassing Moment Will Help You With Sales

My most embarrassing moment will help you with sales. Men are notoriously bad at asking for directions. A man can be lost for an hour and he will grab a map from under the front seat of the car and try to figure out where he is going rather than pull into a gas station and […]

Four Questions You Must Answer

Most people wander aimlessly through their career. You have probably not given much thought to planning your future.  And hey, let’s face it, with the economic volatility these days, who could blame you for focusing on day-to-day survival… I could and I do blame you.  This is the perfect time to take control of your future.  Many […]

One Thing Separates Winners from Everyone Else

One thing separates winners from everyone else. You’re sitting here reading this message.  It is probably one of at least a dozen, maybe a hundred you will read today. Most likely none of them will make a measurable difference in your life. This one might. Why?  Because it is one of the best pieces of […]

No Shortcut to Sales Greatness

There is no shortcut to sales greatness.  You must put in the work. Just about every client who comes to me is looking for a pill they can take before they go to sleep.  Their goal, of course, is to wake up thin, smart and rich. I do not have such a pill. What I […]

All About Relationships

It’s all about relationships. This is the first episode of the live video show: How to Become a Sales Superstar. Here is the transcript: Hey, how’s it going? I am Dave Lorenzo, you’re here watching me on Periscope, you’re with me right now in my kitchen. The title of our show on Periscope, and also […]

Pushy Salespeople Suck: I Found a Better Way

Pushy salespeople suck. In this episode of the 60 second sales show you hear how I discovered a better way. Welcome everyone to another edition of The 60 Second Sale Show. This is Dave Lorenzo, and I’m the guy who helps you close more deals fast. Today, I’m going to start off with kind of […]

Start a Relationship with this Guide

Start a relationship with this guide: Hello I’m Dave. I like long walks on the beach and romantic dinners. Want to get married? No. No. You cannot start a relationship with that as a guide. That is the WRONG way to start a relationship. Yet most business people try to start a relationship in exactly […]

Speed Creates Urgency

Speed creates urgency among everyone who encounters it. You see this in sports and you see it in business. I didn’t notice this until someone pointed it out to me. Years ago I was at just another business lunch. “Are you serious about taking control of your future?” This was the question being posed to […]

Eliminate The Subconscious Influence of Fear

Fear is an emotion that evolved as a form of protection from painful or possibly fatal situations. Rational fears protect us. Healthy fear keeps us from acting in ways that would put our lives in danger. It keeps us from walking into a lion’s den or placing our hands in a roaring fire. On the […]

Put on Rejection Armor

We are all salespeople.  Every day we work hard to convince others to see our point of view.  We persuade people to do what we want them to do.  We ask people to accept us. When they say “NO” it hurts. The pain of rejection prevents you from selling again. Think back to when you […]