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Attract New Clients: Ten Ideas

Here are ten ways to attract new clients.  This is a back-to-basics approach and you definitely need it. We all get so busy focusing on the work we have to get done that sometimes we forget the basics of client attraction. I’m not talking about some fancy new Internet technique that the latest guru is […]

Who Cares What Everyone Else Thinks?

Being successful often means making people angry. Let’s face it, there are a lot of people out there who are miserable and they are content to live with their misery.   Trying to help them is not only futile; it is exasperating.  I am sure you have come across some of these people as you work […]

Sell to Prospects Not Suspects

You have to know who buys your product or service.  You sell to prospects and not suspects. As a reminder: Suspects are people you suspect will buy your product. They are qualified. Prospects are people who have shown an interest in buying your product.  They are not just qualified but they have an interest in […]

Five Ways To Get Better Clients

People who appreciate quality are easy to identify.  The guy who buys a pair of jeans at Saks does not get his underwear at Big Lots.  The guy who stays at the Four Seasons does not have a Motel 6 Rewards Card in his wallet.  You will never find the guy who travels on NetJets […]

Five Habits That Increase Your Income

Five Habits That Increase Your Income This is Dave Lorenzo and you’re listening to the sixty second sales show and in today’s episode we’re going to talk about the five daily habits that make you more money. Five daily habits that make you more money. This episode actually comes about from an experience I had […]

Forget Selling Focus On Relationships

Many business leaders have a problem with selling.  Well, let me clarify that point:  They have a problem with what they THINK selling is. They view selling as forcing your products and services on someone until they submit to your will. Professionals, particularly lawyers, are so intimidated by the thought of “selling,” they have to […]

How To Get More Referrals Now

If you received one referral each day and you closed business with one of those people each week you’d have 50 new clients each year. (That’s only a 20% closing ratio, you should do better than that.) This exercise might be the most valuable thing you discover this month. If you do a great job […]

How To Get Them To Say Yes

A couple of weeks ago I was with a business executive who, even after 15 years of selling, was amazed that a client did not instantly agree to work with him. In his mind, there was a clear need, the client had money and the situation had to be handled immediately.  Yet my client could […]

Selling Success Starts With Great Relationships

Great relationships lead to selling success. When you think about all the different relationships in your life, which ones do you think are most important? Your therapist will tell you it is your relationship with your mother. Your mother will tell you it is your relationship with your spouse. Your clergy member will tell you […]

Four Most Important People In Sales

Selling requires great communication. You listen to people in your target audience and you come up with solutions to their problems. In order to motivate them to take action, the your marketing message must be relevant and it must be delivered in a way that will resonate with the target audience. There are four primary […]