Archives for: July 20th, 2016

Action Sells

The difference between success and failure is action. Specifically:  Your ability to take action immediately when you spot a great opportunity. Successful people live and breathe this philosophy. Most people do not take action fast enough. They make excuses.  They complain.  They blame others. Most people wallow in their own self-pity. They waste their days […]

Love Money Be Great At Sales

Love money and be great at sales – that’s the message from today’s Facebook Live video. In this episode of our daily video segment I address the link between your emotions about money and your success in selling. We all have our own baggage when it comes to money. Some people grew up hearing things […]

Neediness Kills Sales

The number one sales killer is neediness.  You read correctly. Neediness kills sales. When I purchased my most recent car, the minute I stepped onto the lot a salesman was all over me. He asked questions.  He followed me around.  He even offered to get me a cup of coffee while he went to get […]

How To Use The Referral Multiplier

Discover how to effectively use the referral multiplier to grow your business. This is the second episode of The 60 Second Sale Show. In case you missed episode one you can follow this link to listen: How To Build Valuable Relationships with Your Clients Hey there work place warriors, it’s Dave Lorenzo and this is […]

How To Sell Yourself

Do you know how to sell yourself? The title of this article is a common common challenge when we meet someone new. As such, we all answer it regularly. Yet the answers I hear from people often make me cringe. When you have an opportunity to talk about yourself do you downplay your accomplishments? Or […]

Party Time Is Selling Time

Party time is selling time. This Facebook Live Video was shot right before a birthday party at my home.  Part of the 60 second sales process is developing deep relationships with your clients. One of the best ways to develop those relationships is to socialize with them. Invite clients to break bread with you – […]

Selling Success Requires Positive Relationships

Selling is all about building positive relationships. Whenever you start a new relationship you take some risks. The biggest risk you face is that the other person will reject you. Rejection hurts. And no matter how many people love you, some will always reject you and inevitably, you’ll feel the sting of that rejection. For every […]

How To Respond To An RFP

This video addresses how to respond to an RFP. I get lots of questions on social media. If you’d like to ask me a question, you can reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook. Today I answer a question from Tom from Alabama. His question was about responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP). […]

Your Story Sells

Who you are is what connects with your prospective client.  The way you make your prospective client feel is the most important factor in sales.  Your story helps you make an emotional connection with prospective clients.  Your story sells. This spring a couple of kids showed up at my front door at dinnertime.  They looked […]

How To Create Urgency

Closing deals faster requires you create urgency. There are three ideal ways to create urgency: Appeal to self-interest Make a time-sensitive offer Inject emotion into the deal Sometimes just one of these is enough to get the deal done and sometimes you need to leverage all three of them. This video (recorded from my Facebook […]