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Sell Me This Pen | Do This Sell More Show 68

Sell Me This Pen Although I think the “sell me this pen” question is a stupid one, since it comes up in the sales hiring process, I’ve decided to make this show describing good interview answers to this question. The way you answer this question comes down to using a consultative selling approach. In order […]

Is Religion Bad For Business? | Do This Sell More Show 66

Religion and sales don’t mix. As a person of faith myself, let me start off by saying this. There’s nothing wrong with being religious. Your spirituality is your choice, but the business setting is not where you should be spreading your faith. I see plenty of people in sales and in business make this mistake. […]

Building Your Credibility As An Expert | Do This Sell More Show 65

Credibility is a vital part of any sales relationship. When first meeting any new client, it’s essential that you start establishing credibility with them right away. You’re an expert at what you do, and you want to make sure any prospect knows this right from the start. When all other factors are equal, a prospect […]

How To Target Your Ideal Clients In A Marketing Plan | DTSM 64

A good marketing plan is essential. For businesses of all types and sizes, you’ve got to have systems and objectives in place that help you get customers all year round. And one of the most important parts of your plan is to identify your target client. In order to consistently get clients, you have to […]

Client Says: How Much? You Say… | Do This Sell More Show 63

When prospecting for sales, you’re often going to get prospects who come out of the gate with one common question: “How much will it be?” For many people it seems like there’s an easy answer, all you have to do is give your price. But if you want to consistently close the deal in this […]

The Truth About Motivation And Sales | Do This Sell More Show 62

In order to accomplish your goals in sales, you need to know how to motivate yourself to be productive. In this show, I share a few tips that will help you to focus on your sales dreams. Now, motivation is personal so you’ll need to figure out what works for you; however, these are some […]