Archives for: October 18th, 2019

Powerful Sales Questions That Make You Money | DTSM 59

Wouldn’t it be great if you had the exact right question to ask to start a sales conversation? What about asking a client for money or finding the right words to get the client to tell you all of his problems and disclose his budget. Join me as I reveal the exact questions you can […]

Ways To Add Value in Sales | Do This Sell More Show 58

Are you ready to discover five ways to add more value in sales? Are you ready to deliver more to your clients? Are you ready to deepen client relationships and increase lifetime value? That’s what this episode of the Do This Sell More Show is all about. In sales, there’s a universal truth that we […]

Magic Words That Close Deals | Do This Sell More Show 57

When pitching an idea to a company, what do you say to close? In this show, I describe how to close a sale every time using a series of five statements and questions. First, remind the client of the problem that they’re having and then offer to help with that problem. The client will ask […]

How To Build A Great Sales Team | Do This Sell More Show 56

In the world of sales you should always strive to be growing. There shouldn’t be a day where your business doesn’t improve in some capacity. But the best salespeople know that they can’t scale their businesses forever on their own. Eventually, you’re going to have to recruit a team to help you increase your sales. […]

The Difference Between Sales And Marketing | Do This Sell More Show 55

What’s the difference between marketing and selling? Why do businesspeople need to do both? In this show, I talk about the purpose of your sales and marketing process – it generates awareness and converts prospects into clients. Content creation is an example of marketing. You offer people a free taste of what you do. You […]

The Power Of Sales Contests | Sales Compensation Series 5 | DTSM 54

Having a reward system for employees is a crucial part of any business because it motivates people to go above and beyond the agreed upon quotas. In this show, I go over different types of contests so that you can choose the staff incentives that work best for you. Salespeople are driven by competitive forces. […]