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Close More Sales Deals With Urgency and Patience

Each day I help people with tough decisions. I know you hear a great deal from me about sales, because that is the focus of my communications plan, but the bulk of my work is in counseling business leaders on strategy.  The come to me for fresh eyes and clear thinking.  While I often preach […]

How To Overcome Fear in Sales and Business

How to Overcome Fear in Sales and Business: A livestream video broadcast on The Dave Lorenzo Youtube Channel The video below w is my first attempt at a live stream on YouTube.  As you can imagine, there were dozens of hiccups (including me, not knowing if we were actually broadcasting). In the end, it work […]

Five Sales Habits of Successful Rainmakers

Today I have something special to share with you. These are the five sales habits of successful rainmakers. I have outlined these habits for you in a video.  Before I share the video with you, I need to disclose something: At the end of the video there is a challenge. If you accept the challenge, […]

Secret Sales Video Reveals What It Takes To Double Revenue

This is a secret sales video I never planned on releasing. Since it is now public, I figured I should probably share it with everyone so you can benefit.  Watch and discover what it takes to be successful at selling. Here’s the story: It should come as no surprise that I video my presentations when […]

How To Become An Expert

Salespeople are ignored, avoided and delegated to committees.  Experts are engaged, retained, and well-compensated. Your challenge is to NOT be viewed as a salesperson and focus on how to become an expert in your field. You think you’re a salesperson, or a lawyer, or a restaurant owner, or an entrepreneur.  But you’re not.  You’re actually […]

Relationship Development Checklist

Pilots use checklists to make sure they don’t forget anything when preparing to fly a plane. Chef’s use checklists (called recipes) when preparing a special dish for diners to enjoy. Scientists use checklists when doing research on new pharmaceutical products to cure diseases. You need a checklist to help develop and maintain valuable connections that […]

Focus On Relationships Not Sales Transactions

The guidance you receive about selling usually focuses on sales transactions. All the training you receive is on sales tactics designed to close deals.  There is a time and place for learning all of those things. But the key to a long and profitable career in sales is focusing on relationships and not sales transactions. […]

How To Build Sales Momentum

If you want to build sales momentum, this is the article for you.  In the article and video, I provide you with the keep to develop sales momentum through relationship development. The 60 Second Sale is all about relationship-development. That’s what makes it one of the best sales books. Watch this video to build sales […]

You Sell As Much As You Think You Should

You sell as much as you think you should.  Your subconscious mind is controlling the level of success you have in your sales career. Don’t believe it? I provide you with proof and some ideas about how you can break through and sell more and make more money. Have a look at this video and […]

Ask For Help

Years ago, after a snowstorm in New York City, I was standing outside my apartment and I saw an elderly woman shuffling down the street between parked cars.  She was going from car-to-car, looking in between.  She couldn’t have been more than four feet eight inches tall and I could barely see her knit wool […]