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No Time For Jerks

Most people are fundamentally good. They want the best for their family, themselves, and others. But occasionally we come across someone who is, at his core, not good. I’m not talking about the mentally ill people at the fringe of society (like someone who shoots up a movie theater full of people). I’m talking about […]

Unbury Yourself

A friend of mine introduced me to a CPA. The CPA has an impressive client list. There are several multi-millionaire athletes on the list. There are even a couple of billionaire (with a “B”) clients in his portfolio. My friend tells me the CPA has an amazing rapport with his clients and he (and his […]

What Did You Sell Today?

What did you sell today? I have a profitable little habit I want to share with you. It’s a habit I picked up out of necessity. You know – the need to eat – the need to feed my kids. Every day I make it my mission to sell something to someone. I am in […]

Sales Focus: Open Your Eyes

All of us get caught up in our day-to-day activity. We react to ringing telephones, walk-in clients, and the crisis of the day. It is easy to become distracted while shuttling kids around, cleaning messes, and just keeping things together. Our daily activity and the demands we perceive have been thrust upon us become so […]

No Shortcut to Sales Greatness

There is no shortcut to sales greatness.  You must put in the work. Just about every client who comes to me is looking for a pill they can take before they go to sleep.  Their goal, of course, is to wake up thin, smart and rich. I do not have such a pill. What I […]

Pushy Salespeople Suck: I Found a Better Way

Pushy salespeople suck. In this episode of the 60 second sales show you hear how I discovered a better way. Welcome everyone to another edition of The 60 Second Sale Show. This is Dave Lorenzo, and I’m the guy who helps you close more deals fast. Today, I’m going to start off with kind of […]

Speed Creates Urgency

Speed creates urgency among everyone who encounters it. You see this in sports and you see it in business. I didn’t notice this until someone pointed it out to me. Years ago I was at just another business lunch. “Are you serious about taking control of your future?” This was the question being posed to […]

Put on Rejection Armor

We are all salespeople.  Every day we work hard to convince others to see our point of view.  We persuade people to do what we want them to do.  We ask people to accept us. When they say “NO” it hurts. The pain of rejection prevents you from selling again. Think back to when you […]

Attract New Clients: Ten Ideas

Here are ten ways to attract new clients.  This is a back-to-basics approach and you definitely need it. We all get so busy focusing on the work we have to get done that sometimes we forget the basics of client attraction. I’m not talking about some fancy new Internet technique that the latest guru is […]

Improve Sales: Decide Where You Will Plug In

The best way to improve sales is to decide where you will plug in. Allow me to explain. One of my favorite quotes is associated with the founder of The National Speakers Association, Cavett Robert. He said: “Most people are walking around, umbilical cord in hand, looking for a new place to plug it in…” […]

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