Be Yourself and Sell More

If you want to sell more just be yourself.

There are too many people trying to be Grant Cardone or Gary Vee. Let them be them and you be you.

People do business with you because they know you, like you and trust you.  If you are pretending to be someone else, they do not get a chance to do that.

Here is a video that describes what I’m talking about.


Be yourself and you will sell more.

Relationships Not Sales Transactions

Focus On Relationships Not Sales Transactions

The guidance you receive about selling usually focuses on sales transactions. All the training you receive is on sales tactics designed to close deals.  There is a time and place for learning all of those things. But the key to a long and profitable career in sales is focusing on relationships and not sales transactions.


This video is a great example of a focus on relationships and not sales transactions.  I flew to meet with a client, on a Sunday night, in a snow storm. Why?  Because my relationship with him is important to me and he needed help with something.

Sales and selling is all about initiating and deepening relationships.

Ask For Help With Sales

Ask For Help With Sales

You are working hard.

You are good at what you do.

You know you can help people and they should be beating a path to your door.

But it’s not happening and you’re not sure why.

You go to networking meetings and join groups of professionals in your industry.

You have lunch with people, exchange business cards, and connect on social media.

But nothing happens.

You go to bed each night wondering where your next client is going to come from.

Throughout your career business has just “shown up” when you need it, but that’s not good enough anymore.

You need more clients, better clients, and predictable revenue.

You are frustrated, confused, and even angry.

And you should be…with yourself.

The answers you are looking for are right under your nose but you don’t do what is necessary to tap into this knowledge base.

What do you need to do?

Ask for help with sales.

I am here and I want to help you. I get paid to help people sell.  I can work with people with just about any budget. You will receive a significant return on investment.

But you won’t pick up the phone and call me.

Maybe it’s pride.

Maybe it’s fear.

Maybe you just don’t want to spend the money.

I can’t read your mind but I want to help you.  All you have to do is ask.

I will customize a program for you and your budget.

But you’ve got to be willing to give me a call and have a candid discussion about your goals and your budget.

Isn’t it time you took control of your revenue generation?

Your finances are too important to leave in the hands of fate.

Call right now:  (786) 436-1986

In case you’re shy and you want to explore on your own, here are some options:

My Sales Mentor Program:  This option is for people who spend most of their work time selling.  Maybe you are an entrepreneur or a sales executive. Each day offer help to people in return for financial compensation.  The investment for this program is $4,500 for three months and you can expect a return on that investment of at least $50,000 during our time together.  If you can’t handle the full investment up front, call me and we will see if we can work something out.

Solo Attorney Consulting:  This program is for attorneys who own and manage a law firm.  This is not a scripted program. This is something you and I customize. We cover business management issues, client attraction strategy and any issue you need help tackling.  Typically this program is a three month term for an investment of $4,500 but I offered a special that extends the program to six months for that investment. This is the last day to take advantage of that offer.

Business Acceleration Multiplier: This is an option for people who need intense focused time with me to accomplish specific projects. I will spend a day with you helping you accomplish a specific goal. Visit this page for details and discover how quickly you can transform your business or law firm.

Here are some of the issues we can:

  • Attract new clients
  • Attract better clients
  • Enter a new business market
  • Define a compensation program for key employees
  • Develop a marketing plan
  • Shift business strategy due to an economic event
  • Reenergize the business owner and spark motivation

If none of these programs are a good fit for you, we can come up with something else.

The bottom line is: Nothing happens unless you take the first step and call.  (786) 436-1986

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Target People Like Your Best Clients

Sell to People Who Are Like Your Best Clients

You must sell to people who are like you best clients.

Right now, you are selling to the wrong people.

I know what you’re thinking.

You’re the best sales executive in your office. You’ve gone on some company trips and received recognition. Your closing ratio is above 50%.  Everyone tells you how good you are.

But you’re working too hard.

Here’s why:

You subscribe to the hype about sales.  Hustle and activity is all you need to be successful.

Not true.

Before you hustle, before you jack up your activity, you need to use your head.

Apply your effort to the right target, and in the right way, and you’ll improve your already-high closing ratio and you’ll connect with better clients.

Today, you’ll take a sales meeting with anyone. If they have any interest, you’ll sit with them.

You prospect from a list of people created by someone else or you prospect from a list of people who are currently using your competitor’s product or service.

Invest your hustle time in really getting to know your IDEAL client and you’ll find out you’ve been going about the prospecting process all wrong.

Do this:

Schedule a meeting with your best client and ask them:

1). What groups (industry, social, philanthropic) do you belong to?

2). What industry (community) publications do you read?

3). Who in your industry (social circle) do you admire?

After you get the answers to these questions, act.

Go to the conventions your best clients attend. Read the publications they read. Learn everything you can about the people they admire.

After you do those things, put together your target list and match your solutions to their biggest issues or most important goals.

That’s where you invest your “hustle time.” That’s where you put all your effort.

You’re closing rate will go up and your average client value will double almost overnight.

Instead of chasing ANY client go after clients who are identical to your BEST client.

Adjust your target and you’ll close more deals and make more money.

In my new book The 60 Second Sale, I have an entire list of questions you can ask to get inside the mind of your best client.  Use these questions and you’re closing ratio will explode.  You will have a better understanding of your client’s needs and you’ll increase the lifetime value of those client relationships.

Relationship Sales Success

Combine Value and Relationships for Sales Success

My visit with a banker turned a boring trip into a sales success story.

A few weeks ago, I stopped in the bank to make an administrative change to one of my accounts.  Since I bank at a local institution, I can actually speak with the branch manager.  While he was helping me with this change I asked him a question:

“Who can I connect you with to help you achieve your business goals this month?”

The manager was a little taken aback by the question, but, he answered it.

“I’d love to meet a busy Real Estate attorney. They need a trust account to hold money for closings and they also know lots of people who need loans to buy houses. Those are great clients for our bank.”

I’m sure the banker did not expect what happened next.

I set lunch appointments with three different real estate attorneys for the banker. The attorneys were clients and friends of mine and, while there is no guarantee they will work with the bank, I delivered value to four people.

This morning I received a phone call from the banker. He offered me an opportunity to speak at a national association meeting – he is on the planning committee.

I didn’t pitch myself. I didn’t ask for anything. I offered value.

Things don’t usually happen this quickly. It often takes years for someone to provide reciprocal value. Sometimes they will not have the opportunity to ever do so. But there are some steps you can take to give yourself the best opportunity.

They are:

Step one: Offer value to initiate the relationship.  The example in this article demonstrates this step.

Step two:  Deliver.  You cannot simply offer to help and then go away. You must actually deliver the value. If I didn’t set at least one meeting, my conversation would have been meaningless.

Step three: Stay in touch.  The banker and all three of the real estate attorneys are on my weekly email newsletter list.  I communicate with them regularly.  They know I keep the ‘top-of-mind.” This regular communication is an important reminder of our relationship and my desire to be helpful.

The key to success in relationship-based selling is putting the relationship ahead of the transaction.  Make sure you show your prospective client you want to enable their success.  The solutions you offer (the things you sell) are valuable but the relationship with the client is even more valuable.

Transactions have a finite value, but relationship value is limitless.

For more sales success strategy, be sure and order a copy of The 60 Second Sale.


Sales Prevention Note

Sales Prevention: We Screw Our Best Customers

I’m starting a new feature called the Sales PreventionTeam.

Each time I see someone doing something ridiculous, stupid or actively working to harm a client relationship, I’m going to highlight it.  You may remember me calling out a jerk who works for American Airlines back in November 2016.  That was the beginning of me highlighting stupidity.  Since my new book The 60 Second Sale: The Ultimate System for Building Lifelong Client Relationships in the Blink of an Eye is due out in July, 2018, I’m on a mission to highlight both great sales practices and bad practices.

Sales Prevention PenToday’s Sales Prevention story arrived in my mailbox.  I received a pen in the mail.  This pen was a gift/sample for me to review as a promotional item.  It comes from National Pen Company.

The pen itself is pretty good. The quality is fine and if I was looking for a promotional product, I would consider it.

But this isn’t about the pen.

It’s about what Peter Kelly, the company’s CEO does with the pen.

Accompanying the pen in the package was an order form and a note from Mr. Kelly.

The note from Mr. Kelly reads:

Sales Prevention Note

“The prices shown on the order form are introductory prices applicable only towards your first order! Customers love the product so much that when they come back to re-order more they get upset because the non-promotional price is higher. Unfortunately, this is a special deal and we can’t offer this super low price again.

So don’t be disappointed, stock up now with this one time special promotional discount.”

Mr. Kelly is telling us that he will screw people who want to re-order and charge them more money. That means, his best clients, clients with higher lifetime value, clients who want to order again, PAY MORE MONEY.

What does this also tell you?

Maybe it tells you that National Pen’s service sucks so much, they know you will only order from them once and they want to get you to spend as much as possible on this one order.

Either way, Mr. Kelly and National Pen Company are saying they want me to order lots of pens now and if I come back, I will pay more because they give better pricing to strangers than they give to people with whom they have a relationship.

Please join me in welcoming Mr. Kelly and National Pen to the Sales Prevention Team.

Long Sales Cycle Reveals Much About Self

I’m in the middle of a long sales cycle and I needed a break so I cleaned out my garage yesterday.

That may seem like an awful chore to you but to me it is a metaphor for organizing my thoughts.

I love my garage. I’ve made it into a do-it-yourself workshop in which I do everything from change batteries in my kids’ toys to prepare for the 120 MPH winds of hurricane Irma.

Last fall I installed a refrigerator in the garage so I could grab a cold beer while working or give my son a bottle of water after a catch out in the yard.

During the past three weeks the garage had become an absolute wreck. I had consciously neglected it because I was chained to my desk putting the finishing touches on my new book titled: The 60 Second Sale: The Ultimate System for Building Lifelong Relationships in the Blink of an Eye.

Lots of things went by the wayside as I finished the book.  I stopped exercising and I ate a lot, so I’ve gained about 15 pounds.  My daily workouts with my son also stopped, so his baseball and martial arts skills are rusty. I also neglected sending out my weekly email, for the first time in about nine years. All because I was focused on this one, special project.

The book writing process is identical to a long sales cycle.  As the person leading the sales effort, you are the only one who sees the value at the outset but you have to sell that vision to everyone else.  This means you have to clearly articulate the vision. You have to demonstrate the outcome your client will receive. Then you have to go out and win over the constituents, one-by-one, until they take up the fight for your vision to become real.

That’s how a long sales cycle works.

While the outcome is critical (you want to close the deal and I finished the book), just as important is what you will learn about yourself in the process.

Here are three areas of self-awareness I noticed during the writing of the 60 Second Sale:

Through discipline and focus, all things are possible.  I completed a 60,000 word book in less than a month but I did the bulk of the writing over a two week period.  I had a schedule and I stuck to it. I wrote, on average, six hours per day and that was enough time to get the book done – even with writing and rewriting some of the more challenging parts.

You can certainly do this with a sales process.  Do your research and then focus on contacting the correct people for appointments, prepare presentations and schedule al the meetings.

Suspend your need to do everything and focus on the one thing that matters most in the moment.  You know what you should be doing. If you have to put off five or six other tasks while focusing on the main thing, give yourself permission to do so. You’ll be able to “catch-up” when after you close the deal.

After you close the deal, reward yourself.  When I turned in the manuscript, I took a few days off to relax. I didn’t jump right into the next big project.  Of course, I got a haircut and cleaned the garage and did everything else I had neglected, but I didn’t jump back into writing until today – a fill week after I finished the book.  Why? Because I needed a break.

The same thing is true when you close a huge deal. Celebrate. Enjoy the moment. relax for a couple of days. Then when you get back to it, you’ll be refreshed and ready to go.

As I mentioned at the outset, I’m in the middle of this sales cycle because writing the book was just the beginning.  Now I need to start selling the book.  I’m refreshed and ready to tackle the next phase of this sales cycle and I’m glad I was able to break it up effectively.  You should approach your new big sales deal in the same way.

Extra 100K

What Would You Do With $100,000?

What would you do with an extra $100,000?

If you don’t know the answer, you’ll never have an extra $100,000.

So much of sales is mindset, that thinking about what you would do with additional money will help you focus on making that money.

Need proof?

How many times have you been in a situation where you needed additional money to pay the rent, mortgage or a big bill?  What happened when you focused on that amount of money?

Most sales professionals will say, “I closed a deal for that exact amount.”

Why didn’t you close that deal previously?

You didn’t want it bad enough and you didn’t focus on it enough.

This video explains.

Here is the transcript:

What would you do with an extra $100,000? What would you do with it? Would you invest it? Would you take a trip around the world? Would you pay down some debt? What would you do with an extra $100,000? This is a question I ask all my clients when we begin working together. The way they answer it is very telling. If they don’t know right away off the top of their head what they would do with $100,000, I know they’re not ready to make $100,000. Think about that for a minute. If you’re not prepared, if you don’t have a plan for what you will do with the extra money you’re going to make, then you’re not ready to make that money.

You want evidence of that? Think about when you’re short. If you’re in sales or you’re an entrepreneur, you’re a business leader, and you’re short for making payroll or you’re short for paying your bills, what do you do? You go out and you sell and what happens? You make enough money to cover your bills. Most of the time you make just enough money to pay the bills that you want. When I led sales teams, and I’ve led dozens of sales teams, whether they’re 10 people, two people, or 200 people, one of the things I would encourage the people in sales to do, especially my top producers, is I would encourage them to go out, buy the most expensive car they could afford or buy the most expensive car they even couldn’t afford. It doesn’t matter what the monthly payment is. Go buy it. Buy a huge house in an expensive neighborhood.

You know why I would tell my top producers, my best sales people, to do that? Because that’s how they would motivate themselves to sell. Their instinct is to sell to survive. If you have something specific you want to do with that $100,000, you will make that $100,000. That will fuel you, it will motivate you. But why stop there? Why not let yourself think, “What would I do with an extra $500,000? What would I do with an extra $1 million?” You want to fly on private jets? Start making an extra $1 million a year. You can fly on private jets at that point no problem. You want to own two homes? Make an extra $2 million a year. You want to pay off the home you have now in cash at the end of this year? Go find an account that will give you the money you need to do that. It’s that easy. But you have to believe that you’re going to make that money. You have to believe that you’re that person. That’s why, when you’re short, you’re $1,000 short to paying your bills this month, you’ll go out and you’ll sell $1,000 worth of stuff, $1,000 in money to you worth of stuff to pay your bills. The reason you can do that is because you believe you can. That’s the difference. The $50,000, $100,000 number, it’s a stretch right now, but after watching this video you’ll probably be able to convince yourself, “Hey, I can do that. I can make that extra $100,000 because I’m going to use it to buy a car and take my family on a nice vacation and pay off some of my bills.” You’re going to believe that you can do that and you will do that after watching this video.

But the same thing is true of $1 million. If you said to yourself, “I want to buy a new house in cash. I need to go find someone who’s going to give me $1 million for the value I can provide,” if you said that, it would become so. It may take a year. it may take 18 months. it may take two years. But once you set that point in your mind and you believe that that’s possible, it is possible.

The key is to know what you want to do with that money and then to really, truly convince yourself that you can make that money, it can be there. How do you convince yourself that you can make that money? If someone else who does what you do is making that money, you can make that money too. What one person can do, another can do. It’s that simple. Nobody is head and shoulders above you in the intelligence department. They’re just using a different game plan and they’re working harder. What you need to do is you need to figure out what their game plan is, copy that game plan, and work twice as hard as them. Once you do that, anything is possible. So, believe you can make the money, have a plan for how you’re going to use the money, and then get to work.

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Five Ideas to Help Sell More

Five Ideas To Help You Sell More

Each Friday I bring you five big sales ideas to help you sell more, make more money, and make your life a little easier.

Here are this week’s Five for Friday:

Item One:  Can Your Grandma Describe What You Do?

Referrals can come from anywhere.  Everybody you know must be able to describe what you do.  Each person in your natural network is a potential salesperson for you and your business.  Train the people who know you, like you and trust you, to refer you.

This video will help you pick up all the FREE MONEY hidden right in your natural network.

Can Your Grandma Describe Want You Do?

Item Two:  Don’t Wear Sweatpants on a Plane

I had some free time this week. I got sick while traveling so I had some downtime to think. There were five things, in particular that were aggravating me.  One of them was the phenomena that has become pervasive among people who seem to have given up on life. That is: Wearing sweatpants on a plane.

A game of five-on-five basketball is never going to breakout in the aisle of your JetBlue flight to Long Beach. Take pride in your personal appearance.  You know who could be seated next to you?  Your next multi-million-dollar client. He doesn’t hand over big contracts to losers who don’t have enough commonsense to put on a pair of pants before leaving the house.

If you want to hear the four other things I was thinking about while convalescing, be sure and checkout this video:

Don’t Wear Sweatpants on a Plane

Item Three: Punch Buddha in the Face

You’ve got bad Karma because you’re negative. At least part of the time. The way you phrase your goals, your requests of your employees and your family members, and your sales pitch, is having an impact on how people react.

If you want to make more things happen in your life, including closing more deals, you need to change the way you speak and, more importantly, change the way you think.

Check out this article and walk the path of enlightenment:

Punch Buddha in the Face

Item Four: Options Equal Opportunity

I’m not talking about the sophisticated financial instruments Wall Street Traders use to hedge their financial position. I’m talking about you helping your client decide to work with you.

You’ve got to stop backing them into a corner. That’s what you’re doing when you offer a “YES” or “NO” as the only option in a sales pitch.

Give your client three ways to say “YES” and they will feel much better about a decision to work with you.  Oh, yeah, they won’t want to say no because they will be in control of the buying experience.

The details are in this video:

You Sell More When Buyers Have Options

Item Five: The 60 Second Sale: The Ultimate System for Building Lifelong Client Relationships in the Blink of an Eye

I revealed the cover for my new book. I did it on social media.

You can find it on my Instagram profile: TheDaveLorenzo on Instagram

If you’re not on social media you’re really missing out on great information, gossip and lots of ways to waste your day. (That’s a joke – sort-of).

Social media has become the new “Town Square” where people gather to share their thoughts, gossip and strengthen their interpersonal relationships.  As much as you may hate the political fights that develop, these websites are now as necessary as having a conversation with your neighbor over the backyard fence on a Saturday afternoon.

Checkout the cover and share your thoughts with me on Instagram.

You can also gain access to my videos days (and sometimes weeks) before I post them by subscribing to my YouTube Channel.

And don’t forget Facebook. After I submit the final copy of my manuscript to my publisher I’m going to be doing a lot of live video on my Facebook Business Page.

Click on the links for each of those social media sites. I post unique content on each one and you don’t want to miss out on your next big idea.

Have a great weekend!

Offer Options Sell More

You Sell More When Buyers Have Options

You sell more when you offer your buyer options.

Offering a “yes’ or “no” is forcing the buyer into a corner.

Nobody responds well to that.

Find a way to give your buyer choices and you raise the probability of closing the deal.

This video provides you with more detail.

Here is the transcript of this video:

Want to close more deals?

Offer people options.

When you offer someone only a yes or no option, you got a 50% chance of getting a no. That’s something I can’t live with. When people come to me for a deal, I always offer them choices of three options. Let’s phrase it like a good, a better, and a best. No matter what you have to sell, people will be more inclined to work with you if you give them three choices and they can choose what they want to say yes to. People love to buy but they hate to feel pressured. They hate to feel stuck in a corner. That’s what a yes or no deal gives them. It gives them all kinds of pressure and they think, if I do this I may get stuck. But when they have choices, when you give them options, they feel like they’re in control, because they really are. They have the opportunity to select from three things instead of just a binary choice of yes or no.

How do you do this?

Typically what you’ll do is you’ll have one option that exactly meets their needs. That’s the good option. Then you’ll have a second option which meets their needs and exceeds their expectations. Maybe it gives them just a little bit more comfort, gives them just a little bit more pleasure, gives them just a little bit more status. Then you’ll have the third option. That third option is the absolute best you have to offer. It is the highest status they can achieve in working with you. It is the option that is going to set them apart from everyone else.

Think of it like a line of cars. You have the basic transportation. Then you have the luxury transportation. Then you have the ultra luxury, which only the top 1 or 2% drive. That type of selection will generate enormous revenue for you when people select the top tier. About 10% of the time people will select the top tier, but people will be hesitant to select the tier that just meets their needs, option number one, the tier that just meets their needs.  The reason they’ll be hesitant to do that is because of fear of missing out.

Every business can use this.

You can put it to work for you right now.

You want to close more deals?

Offer options.

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