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Secret of Successful Entrepreneur Revealed at Dinner Party

One of the most powerful business lessons I learned came during a dinner party. About a year ago an entrepreneur joined our family for dinner.  He just completed a deal in which he purchased, rehabilitated, and sold a business for a 300% profit in just 26 months. I thought this was an amazing turnaround.  He […]

Fire Energy Suckers

About a month ago I received a telephone call from a client.  He was furious.   He had just received a phone call from his bookkeeper that made his blood boil. Here’s the story: Joe (my client) is an attorney in a practice area that was particularly hard hit by the changing dynamics of the economy.  […]

Who Cares More?

Training intensity makes a difference. In the gym the other day I was running on the treadmill when I spotted a woman walking around with a personal trainer. Well, I smelled her before I saw her. She was wearing perfume – lots of it – and so much make-up it looked like she was headed […]

How To Limit Sales Risk

You face a huge amount of sales risk and you’re probably not ever aware of it. This article highlights the three types of sales risk you must address now. Most people hate to think about risk. Human nature forces us to focus on the good things vs. the bad things that can happen. It is […]

My Most Embarrassing Moment Will Help You With Sales

My most embarrassing moment will help you with sales. Men are notoriously bad at asking for directions. A man can be lost for an hour and he will grab a map from under the front seat of the car and try to figure out where he is going rather than pull into a gas station and […]

One Thing Separates Winners from Everyone Else

One thing separates winners from everyone else. You’re sitting here reading this message.  It is probably one of at least a dozen, maybe a hundred you will read today. Most likely none of them will make a measurable difference in your life. This one might. Why?  Because it is one of the best pieces of […]

Boost Sales By Speaking

One of the fastest ways to boost your sales is through using speaking engagements. Here is a case study of one of my clients and his experience using public speaking to grow his sales. Many people use speaking engagements as a way to develop business.  Yet many of the folks I work with have a […]

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