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Your Expertise Is Better Than A Cold Call

The best way to start a relationship is by having someone seek you out as an expert. Think about it: Who is in a better position the guy knocking on doors asking to paint your house or the instructor at the home expo demonstrating ten ways to add value to your home with color accenting? […]

Change Can Be Hair-Raising

Sales success requires change. I’ve embraced that fact but it wasn’t easy. In June, I received an unusual telephone call. It was from a media company. They wanted to know if I had an interest in working with them to develop a series of sales education products and market them via traditional and online media. […]

Who Wants Your Opinion?

On November 8, 2016 we had a Presidential election in the United States and many people are still talking about the result. Most people are cautious about how and with whom they share their political opinion. They have these feelings, strong feelings, about ideology or about a person running for office and they only want […]

Good Selling is Hitting Your Client on The Head With Value

You have to show your client the value you provide. That’s part of the sales process. Good selling is hitting your client on the head with value.  Over and over again. Have you ever felt bad for a client because they said they couldn’t pay you? Ever discounted your fee because the client told you […]

How to Attract Great Clients

Around my office, we have a saying. “We attract the clients we deserve.” This means if I provide valuable experiences, offer outstanding service and deliver an exceptional work product, I will attract amazing clients. In reality, that’s only part of the equation. Attracting great clients also requires respecting myself and the value I provide and […]

It Is Easy To Be A Jerk

Last Saturday I took my kids to the park to play baseball (and also to give my wife a couple of hours of peace and quiet).   My son did some fielding drills while my daughter (who is only 4 years old) played an excellent first base and snagged almost everything he threw at her. The […]

Leverage Strengths: Claim Your Territory

The key to success in sales and in business is to leverage your strengths. Focus on maximizing the things at which you excel and ask for help in all other areas. In my backyard, just beyond the fence that separates our pool from the wildlife, is the Florida Everglades. It begins with a little lake […]

Secret of Successful Entrepreneur Revealed at Dinner Party

One of the most powerful business lessons I learned came during a dinner party. About a year ago an entrepreneur joined our family for dinner.  He just completed a deal in which he purchased, rehabilitated, and sold a business for a 300% profit in just 26 months. I thought this was an amazing turnaround.  He […]

Four Qualities Of A Successful Leader

This video details the four qualities of a successful leader for sales professionals and business owners. Every business owner wants to know what it takes to be successful.  There are lots of things that contribute to business success. The qualities we are focused on today all begin with the letter “C.” Those qualities are: Confidence […]

Your Body of Work

The Internet presents a sales professional with a significant opportunity.  This is the perfect forum to increase your visibility, demonstrate your credibility and focus prospective clients on what makes you different. Let’s look at how a website can be your best friend. Visibility Everyone can be a star of script, stage, and screen on the […]