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Connecting People Closing Sales

Today’s Dave Lorenzo Daily focuses on connecting people, closing sales and making money. When you host a client appreciation event and that event focuses on connecting people it will also help you with closing sales. A client appreciation event is one during which you bring your clients together and introduce them to each other.  You […]

Jump-Start Sales with a Client Appreciation Event

The four-step appreciation system I outline in this article is the fastest way to jump-start sales. Most sales professionals don’t think about themselves as business leaders. If you shift your mindset, you realize there are things you can do to position yourself to sell more to your existing clients and to entice your evangelists to […]

Party Time Is Selling Time

Party time is selling time. This Facebook Live Video was shot right before a birthday party at my home.  Part of the 60 second sales process is developing deep relationships with your clients. One of the best ways to develop those relationships is to socialize with them. Invite clients to break bread with you – […]