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How To Get Them To Say Yes

A couple of weeks ago I was with a business executive who, even after 15 years of selling, was amazed that a client did not instantly agree to work with him. In his mind, there was a clear need, the client had money and the situation had to be handled immediately.  Yet my client could […]

How To Close Deals Fast

How To Close Deals Fast Hey there Workplace Warriors. It’s Dave Lorenzo and this is, The 60 Second Sale Show. I’m the guy who helps you close more deals, fast, and today I’m going to remind you that we’re in the business of building relationships. When we build relationships we close deals, and we do […]

How To Create Urgency

Closing deals faster requires you create urgency. There are three ideal ways to create urgency: Appeal to self-interest Make a time-sensitive offer Inject emotion into the deal Sometimes just one of these is enough to get the deal done and sometimes you need to leverage all three of them. This video (recorded from my Facebook […]