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Five Killer Mistakes Lawyers Make with Content Marketing

There are five Critical Mistakes most lawyers make with Content Marketing, and they will kill your credibility. These mistakes are: Letting Ego Dictate Content Writing Like an Academic Sharing the Content Only One Time and in One Place Bad Brevity Not Sharing Frequently  Here are the five killer mistake lawyers make with content marketing: Letting […]

Stop Fighting and Start Winning

Stop Fighting And Start Winning… Everyone has a broadcast today. The average professional or business executive can have a YouTube show, a podcast, a weekly email column and an ongoing discussion with thousands. Years ago only people who were vetted were on television or radio, wrote news columns, or were put into a professorial role to lead […]

Sell Your Thinking

You don’t sell a product or service. You sell a relationship. You sell your thinking.  Before someone will entertain the idea of being in a relationship with you they need to appreciate the way you approach your work. That’s why content is so important. Information you organize and share demonstrates your thinking. Here are the […]