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Make Business Personal

You’ve heard me say it before.  People buy from those they know, like, and trust. That’s the reason you need to let people into your world and share your personality and your opinion with them. In an earlier article, I discussed the 2016 election results and I shared my thoughts with people.  The title of […]

Start a Relationship with this Guide

Start a relationship with this guide: Hello I’m Dave. I like long walks on the beach and romantic dinners. Want to get married? No. No. You cannot start a relationship with that as a guide. That is the WRONG way to start a relationship. Yet most business people try to start a relationship in exactly […]

Your Story Sells

Who you are is what connects with your prospective client.  The way you make your prospective client feel is the most important factor in sales.  Your story helps you make an emotional connection with prospective clients.  Your story sells. This spring a couple of kids showed up at my front door at dinnertime.  They looked […]

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