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You Don’t Want Work Life Balance

Work life balance is a regular topic of discussion in some of the CEO groups I facilitate. While everyone agrees the purpose of being an entrepreneur is to have more control over your life, that control is often elusive.  Stories of business leaders missing family events, kids’ sports activities and school awards are so common, […]

True Wealth For An Entrepreneur: Knowing What’s Important

I hope you enjoyed Father’s Day with the people who are most important to you. I became a father later in life. Nick was born when I was 40 years old and Dahlia made my family complete two and one-half years later. While many people have commented that being an “old dad” is something less […]

Learn to Sell And Your Lifestyle Is In Your Hands

If you learn to sell, your lifestyle is in your hands. I work with people in many different industries but the majority of my clients are successful. They make enough to afford my fee and they are rewarded with a significant return on investment. While I expedite their success, and I often take them into […]

Five Ways to Make August More Productive

This is the time of year that drives every sales professional crazy. You’ve been trying for a few weeks to get in touch with someone – anyone – who can buy something. You’ve been calling prospects, referral sources, former clients and even clients. Nobody is in the office. People who do return calls leave you a message […]

Only Three Ways To Grow

Growing a business is not mysterious. There are only three ways to do it: 1). Attract more clients 2). Convince existing clients to purchase more frequently 3). Offer additional value to existing clients Most business leaders think only of the first way.  They spend most of their time, money and effort looking for the new […]

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