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What Costume Are You Wearing?

This article is taken from my daily live video show on Facebook on November 1, 2016.  Join us each day for more great info on relationship-based sales.   Here is the transcript of this show: Hi, everyone. Welcome to the first ever episode of this new show I’m doing on Facebook. It’s on my Facebook […]

Forget Me Not – Behind the Scenes

This is a special preview of next week’s 60 Second Sales Show recorded on Facebook Live.  The title of this episode is Forget Me Not and it will be released on Monday on iTunes and Google Play. If you were with me yesterday on Facebook you saw me record the show live.  Here is a […]

Sell to Prospects Not Suspects

You have to know who buys your product or service.  You sell to prospects and not suspects. As a reminder: Suspects are people you suspect will buy your product. They are qualified. Prospects are people who have shown an interest in buying your product.  They are not just qualified but they have an interest in […]

Speed Without Quality Is Death

Speed without quality means the death of any sales relationship. I recorded this Facebook Live session in front of the Merchant of Death, McDonalds. McDonalds provides food that will ultimately kill you but they do it quickly. When you develop a relationship quickly without all the elements we include in the 60 Second Sales process, […]

How To Sell During the Slow Season

How To Sell During the Slow Season Sell in May and go away is a famous expression among stockbrokers. July is the slow time of year for just about everyone. But just because your clients are on vacation doesn’t mean there isn’t selling activity to be undertaken. Once you discover how to sell in the […]

Love Money Be Great At Sales

Love money and be great at sales – that’s the message from today’s Facebook Live video. In this episode of our daily video segment I address the link between your emotions about money and your success in selling. We all have our own baggage when it comes to money. Some people grew up hearing things […]

Party Time Is Selling Time

Party time is selling time. This Facebook Live Video was shot right before a birthday party at my home.  Part of the 60 second sales process is developing deep relationships with your clients. One of the best ways to develop those relationships is to socialize with them. Invite clients to break bread with you – […]

How To Respond To An RFP

This video addresses how to respond to an RFP. I get lots of questions on social media. If you’d like to ask me a question, you can reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook. Today I answer a question from Tom from Alabama. His question was about responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP). […]

How To Create Urgency

Closing deals faster requires you create urgency. There are three ideal ways to create urgency: Appeal to self-interest Make a time-sensitive offer Inject emotion into the deal Sometimes just one of these is enough to get the deal done and sometimes you need to leverage all three of them. This video (recorded from my Facebook […]

Selling Is Helping

Selling is helping. Most people have the wrong idea about sales. They think you “show up and throw up” meaning you walk into a client’s office and make a presentation with the hope he will magically be convinced you have something he needs…right now. It is this approach and the attitude behind it that have […]