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Who’s Next?

Two words make all the difference between controlling your future and being at the mercy of someone else.   Two words make the difference between freedom and someone shoving work down your throat. Two words either make you the person spilling the soup or the poor stooge getting the soup dropped on him.  Those two words: […]

Do This Get Clients

Everyone wants to see the baby, but nobody wants to deal with the labor pains. It’s human nature. I have to work hard to get most of my clients to implement the strategies I teach. I have to sell them on the idea that taking action is the key to success. (Most people believe that […]

4 Tips to Become a Great Salesperson

People ask me all the time to boil sales success down to just a few actionable points. While it is impossible to squeeze everything into one article or video, here are your 4 tips to become a great salesperson. Tip 1: Keep Track of Everyone You Meet Everyone you know is a possible referral source […]

To Improve Sales Where Do I Start

To improve sales, where do I start? That’s the most common question I receive from new clients. Today there are lots of options for growing a business but people want results quickly and there’s only one way to make that happen: Connect with someone who already knows you, likes you, and trusts you and help […]

External Orientation Checklist

Based upon the overwhelming success of my Relationship Development Checklist, I’m going continue to distill critical business growth concepts down into easy to consume and easy to follow step-by-step guides. In this installment I help you overcome the narcissistic instinct that has become pervasive in a society dominated by people who become famous just for […]

Five Ways to Deepen Relationships with Evangelists

One of area of sales focus must be to deepen relationships with evangelists. These people refer business to you and they will refer more.  This video and the accompanying transcript will help you focus on the five ways to accomplish this goal. Five Ways to Deepen Relationships with Evangelists Here is the transcript of the […]

Stop Talking and Sell More

Stop talking and sell more. This phrase needs to be in the back of your mind at all times. You learn nothing about your prospective client when you are talking.  If you were just starting out in sales today and you wanted to learn the skills necessary to be a top producer, I could teach […]