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Change Can Be Hair-Raising

Sales success requires change. I’ve embraced that fact but it wasn’t easy. In June, I received an unusual telephone call. It was from a media company. They wanted to know if I had an interest in working with them to develop a series of sales education products and market them via traditional and online media. […]

Vote For Yourself

Governmental leadership at the local level is important and necessary. The people who run your city, your town, or your community, have the ability to impact your life. National elections and, to some extent, even elections at the state level, are theater. During his/her term a state leader or federal official may perform a handful […]

My Biggest Misconception

When I started my company, I was excited. The feeling of complete autonomy was invigorating. “Never again am I going to do anything I don’t want to do,”  I told myself. Out into the world, I went, business plan in hand, feeling good about the value I could provide to my clients and prospective clients. […]

Simple Formula For Business Success

People often ask me for the “one thing” they can do to be successful. Unfortunately, I can’t give you just one thing that will produce business success. I can give you a guide that, if followed, will produce positive results. This is the guide for business success I share with my clients: Organization + Education […]

Four Qualities Of A Successful Leader

This video details the four qualities of a successful leader for sales professionals and business owners. Every business owner wants to know what it takes to be successful.  There are lots of things that contribute to business success. The qualities we are focused on today all begin with the letter “C.” Those qualities are: Confidence […]