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How to Attract Great Clients

Around my office, we have a saying. “We attract the clients we deserve.” This means if I provide valuable experiences, offer outstanding service and deliver an exceptional work product, I will attract amazing clients. In reality, that’s only part of the equation. Attracting great clients also requires respecting myself and the value I provide and […]

My Biggest Misconception

When I started my company, I was excited. The feeling of complete autonomy was invigorating. “Never again am I going to do anything I don’t want to do,”  I told myself. Out into the world, I went, business plan in hand, feeling good about the value I could provide to my clients and prospective clients. […]

Simple Formula For Business Success

People often ask me for the “one thing” they can do to be successful. Unfortunately, I can’t give you just one thing that will produce business success. I can give you a guide that, if followed, will produce positive results. This is the guide for business success I share with my clients: Organization + Education […]

Ignorance: The Secret Of My Success

Early in my career I transitioned from a job managing a business for Marriott into a role where my responsibility was primarily to develop new business relationships in the world of consulting.  I had some management responsibility. There was an office with some administrative people, but as the guy in charge, for me, job number […]

Never Let Them See You Coming

Many people think being flashy is good.  They believe that showing off your wealth, your knowledge, or your skills is the way to win people over. Nothing is farther from the truth. If you want to attract clients, this may be the most important piece of advice you will ever receive. When it comes to […]

Sales Pros Never Quit

Things are tough for sales professionals. Although many will blame the economy for their lack of success, the truth is that a lack of persistent, aggressive activity is really to blame. Consider these statistics from a business study conducted by Herbert True of the University of Notre Dame: 2% of all sales are made on […]

How To Get Going On Your Next Big Idea

Remember the last big idea you had? Remember what happened with it? Not great right? Here’s how you take massive action on your next big idea. All of us struggle with motivation. Nobody can motivate us to do something. We must motivate ourselves. There is a way to convince yourself that this is the time […]

Most Important Quality For Sales Professional

People ask me all the time: “What is the most important quality for sales professional?” If you’ve ever sold anything or attempted to sell anything, you know about rejection. If you have ever played a competitive sport or even a board game in your home, you know about bouncing back from a loss. If you […]

How to Make More Money and Get More Sleep

Lack of sales keeping you awake? Many sales professionals are having a hard time sleeping these days. They are worried about money. The bills are coming in quickly and the clients have disappeared. This keeps them awake at night. You are good at your craft. But no matter how many times you add the numbers […]

The First Sale Is To Yourself

Sitting down with a prospective client is always an interesting and exciting experience for me. I meet many sales leaders through referrals and I feel obligated (to the party who referred me) to have a conversation with everyone who is sent my way. These are not “highly qualified” prospects. Meaning that they don’t come to […]