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What Did You Sell Today?

What did you sell today? I have a profitable little habit I want to share with you. It’s a habit I picked up out of necessity. You know – the need to eat – the need to feed my kids. Every day I make it my mission to sell something to someone. I am in […]

One Thing Separates Winners from Everyone Else

One thing separates winners from everyone else. You’re sitting here reading this message.  It is probably one of at least a dozen, maybe a hundred you will read today. Most likely none of them will make a measurable difference in your life. This one might. Why?  Because it is one of the best pieces of […]

Eliminate The Subconscious Influence of Fear

Fear is an emotion that evolved as a form of protection from painful or possibly fatal situations. Rational fears protect us. Healthy fear keeps us from acting in ways that would put our lives in danger. It keeps us from walking into a lion’s den or placing our hands in a roaring fire. On the […]

Who Cares What Everyone Else Thinks?

Being successful often means making people angry. Let’s face it, there are a lot of people out there who are miserable and they are content to live with their misery.   Trying to help them is not only futile; it is exasperating.  I am sure you have come across some of these people as you work […]

Five Ways To Get Better Clients

People who appreciate quality are easy to identify.  The guy who buys a pair of jeans at Saks does not get his underwear at Big Lots.  The guy who stays at the Four Seasons does not have a Motel 6 Rewards Card in his wallet.  You will never find the guy who travels on NetJets […]

Five Habits That Increase Your Income

Five Habits That Increase Your Income This is Dave Lorenzo and you’re listening to the sixty second sales show and in today’s episode we’re going to talk about the five daily habits that make you more money. Five daily habits that make you more money. This episode actually comes about from an experience I had […]

Forget Selling Focus On Relationships

Many business leaders have a problem with selling.  Well, let me clarify that point:  They have a problem with what they THINK selling is. They view selling as forcing your products and services on someone until they submit to your will. Professionals, particularly lawyers, are so intimidated by the thought of “selling,” they have to […]

Love Money Be Great At Sales

Love money and be great at sales – that’s the message from today’s Facebook Live video. In this episode of our daily video segment I address the link between your emotions about money and your success in selling. We all have our own baggage when it comes to money. Some people grew up hearing things […]

Sell More: Let Go of the Past

Let go of the past and you sell more. During my freshman year of college I had the good fortune to share a dorm room with a 35 year old former fireman from Brooklyn.  This guy, named Tony, lived the equivalent of three lifetimes before I met him (including one as a semi-tough guy working […]

Qualities of Sales Superstars

All sales superstars have qualities that separate them from everyone else. We are all looking for the one big thing that will make a difference in our business and our career. We want the one thing that will deliver bags of money to our doorstep.  We want to purchase the winning lottery ticket that will […]