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Networking Sucks! Do This Instead

Networking is a massive waste of time. Now that we are in the COVID-19 era, most attorneys will not be able to go to their usual coffee and sale bagel meetings and tell their boss they were “networking.” Most rainmakers wouldn’t waste their time getting together with groups of people who have no intention, ability, […]

Networking Alone is Not a Sales Strategy

You cannot build a real business on networking alone. Why? Because networking alone is not a sales strategy. During the past ten years I’ve worked with over 400 lawyers. Most know nothing about business development.  The members of this population believe “marketing” or “sales” or “business development” refers to networking. Don’t believe me? Try this: […]

Most People Will Never Use This Powerful Business Success Secret

Many business leaders say they attract new clients by networking.  I hate that word. Networking. When most of us think about networking we think about going to meetings with groups of people passing out business cards, shaking hands and trying to sell something. That’s not what I mean by networking. True networking involves understanding the […]

Who Are The People Around You?

Have you ever wondered why some people always achieve excellence in everything they do?  We have all come across people who, no matter what life throws at them, always seem to succeed.  Sure they take some lumps from time to time.  Yes, they have an occasional setback.  But ultimately, they are winners. There are many […]

Networking and Sales: How difficult can it be?

Last week I spoke at a conference for attorneys. After one of my sessions, I met a few of the attendees in the restaurant and they invited me over to their table for a drink. As you can imagine, the subject of sales came up. They wanted to specifically talk about networking. A sharp guy […]