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How Do You Know How Strong You Are?

How do you know how strong you really are? This is an odd question, I know, but the answer is incredibly valuable. Toughness is not always about being able to cut a good deal. My client base is made up of entrepreneurs, sales professionals and attorneys. All of these folks have to be tough in […]

How To Get Going On Your Next Big Idea

Remember the last big idea you had? Remember what happened with it? Not great right? Here’s how you take massive action on your next big idea. All of us struggle with motivation. Nobody can motivate us to do something. We must motivate ourselves. There is a way to convince yourself that this is the time […]

My Beautiful Disaster

In 1998 I was thrust into a role that tested my resolve. Marriott purchased a corporate housing company named ExecuStay and I was selected to run it. Corporate housing is a business that focuses on executives on temporary assignment or individuals being relocated by companies. At Marriott, our goal was to find out where these […]

The Keys to Success Are In Your Gut

People say I give away the keys to success. I often get chastised for sharing secrets the gurus want you to pay to receive. This week I’m going to really aggravate the gurus. I’m going to share two specific ideas that will lead to more money in your pocket. The beauty of today’s ideas: They […]

Grow Sales Or Die

It sounds dramatic but you must grow sales or your business will die. That is a fact. The 60 Second Sales Process is about growth. I’m concerned there isn’t enough emphasis on revenue growth in most businesses. Need some examples? Look at nature: When you plant flowers in the fall, they germinate under the comfort […]

Answer And Predict Your Future

I have an important question for you about your personal development. Your answer will allow me to predict your financial future. What do you know today about your clients, your industry, and yourself that you didn’t know yesterday? People who can answer that question will always out-earn people who cannot. Is this question about intelligence?  […]