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Setting Sales Goals? Do This First | Do This Sell More Show 26

Sales managers, entrepreneurs, and business leaders: Stop! Don’t set your performance goals just yet. Watch this video first, to avoid missing something important. These are three often overlooked, critical goals for every salesperson: 1. Create and nurture new customer relationships. 2. Get more revenue from existing customers. 3. Increase dollars per transaction. Track and measure […]

Rules For Consultative Sales | Do This Sell More 23

There are a few rules for consultative sales and I outline them here. This is the first episode of our new daily format. Watch the Do This Sell More Show on my YouTube Channel The Dave Lorenzo Daily. In consultative selling, discovery sales questions are fundamental because they allow you to start building a bond […]

Brad Gross: How to Sell Professional Services to Businesses | Do This Sell More 21

How To Sell Professional Services to Businesses. An interview with entrepreneur and intellectual property attorney Bradley J. Gross. During this sales training video Dave Lorenzo and Brad Gross discuss how to sell professional services. During the past ten years, Brad has employed professional speaking and nice marketing to grow his personal brad and develop a […]

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