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The Fastest Way To Attract Affluent Clients | DTSM 93

In today’s show we explore five ways to attract affluent clients. These are the quickest ways to integrate yourself into the affluent community. If you want to connect with wealthy people and do business with them, this is the who for you. Here is what we cover:  1.    Connect with Financial Advisors: All financial advisors are not […]

Leverage: Improve Your Productivity And Sell More | DTSM 92

In this show, I explain how public speaking events can help you gain leverage and improve your productivity. Now, what is meant by leverage? When I mention leverage, I’m referring to your ability to work with optimum efficiency. Let me give you an example of what I mean. Let’s say you want to reach clients […]

Sales Managers Lead By Example | DTSM 91

➜ Sales manager skills & qualities to improve your team’s performance ➜ Development areas for managers in sales ➜ How to lead your team, grow your revenue and make more money As a sales manager, it can be easy to just play the backseat when managing your team. It’s common for sales managers to fall […]

The Most Important Word In Sales | DTSM 90

➜ How to be viewed as a consultant and not a salesperson ➜ The one question to help you sell consulting services ➜ How to implement customer centric selling as a consultant As a consultant, it’s your job to serve your clients and help them get to where they want to be. This can make […]

Use YouTube To Build Trust, Attract Clients and Close Sales | DTSM 89

In this show, I explain to you how trust is built as well as how to promote yourself on Youtube once you’ve leveraged that trust. The key to building trust on Youtube comes down volume and consistency. Who was the most trusted man in America during the 1960s and 1970s? Walter Cronkite. But what was […]

Every Entrepreneur Needs A Coach To Help with B2B Sales | DTSM 88

➜ Why a coach is a great resource for mastering the B2B sales experience ➜ The benefits of having a mentor in sales ➜ How to select the correct coach No matter what you’re doing in life, there’s no way to make progress without learning from others. Whether it’s art, sports, or speaking, you need […]

How To Survive Recession 2020 | DTSM 87

➜ How to survive a recession ➜ Why you can’t wait around to start building your own recession strategy ➜ What your recession 2020 strategy should look like In today’s show I share a sure-fire strategy to help you survive the 2020 recession. See, when it comes to businesses, recessions are a kind of the […]

How To Establish Credibility In Your Industry With LinkedIn. | DTSM 86

➜ How to establish trust and credibility in your industry ➜ Using LinkedIn effectively to position yourself as an industry expert ➜ What you should NOT do on LinkedIn No matter what businesses you’re in, credibility is vital. See, without establishing yourself as an authority in your industry, you’re not going to get very far. […]

How To Recognize Buying Signals | DTSM 85

In this show we cover 5 ways to recognize buying signals. Buying Signals in Sales Training tip 1: Prospect comes into your office for a consultation. Buying signals over the phone are similar. The prospect calls your office for a consultation. Buying Signals in Sales Training tip 2: The prospect comes to an event you […]

How To Break Out Of A Sales Slump | DTSM 84

What do you do when sales are down? In this show, I give you five ideas for how to get out of a sales slump. I talk about the importance a positive attitude and the benefits of self confidence to get you back in business. Keep in mind that it hasn’t been long since you […]