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Never Cold Call. Here’s Why. | DTSM 104

When you cold call you annoy people and interrupt their day but that’s not the only reason to avoid it. In cold calling you demonstrate you are out of ideas and desperate. What clients tell me (and you) all the time: If people were beating a path to your door, you wouldn’t have to cold […]

Overcome Unspoken Objections in Sales | DTSM 103

Prospects will sometimes disappear without offering a reason why. In this show you will discover the questions you can ask to keep this from happening. Sales communication is important because without proper dialogue, you could be wasting time and energy working with someone who never intended to buy in the first place. In this show, […]

The People To Avoid On LinkedIn |DTSM 99

LinkedIn is an incredible asset to any business owner. This is especially true in sales, where it’s one of the most useful marketing tools out there. It helps you build your network out with strong connections, but only if you know how to use it. On LinkedIn, there are tons of time-wasters to get in […]

Strategic Alliance Partnerships: The Fastest Way To Grow Sales | DTSM 98

One effective sales marketing strategy in consultative selling is the strategic alliance partnership. In this show, I provide a few strategic alliance examples and explain how they can help you acquire more prospects. The first step you need to take in order to partner with another business is to find someone who’s targeting your ideal […]

How To Ask For A Referral | DTSM 97

➜ How to get high-quality leads by focusing on business referrals ➜ The key to making more referral sales ➜ What to say to get a referral EVERY time Out of all the lead generation methods you can use in sales, there’s one that tops them all: Getting referrals from your previous clients. When it […]

The Best Questions For Consultative Sales | DTSM 96

In this show, I share six powerful questions to ask someone when using a consultative sales approach. Let me briefly lay out some basic questions and explain their benefits for lead generation. Question 1: Why am I here? Tell me what’s wrong?  These questions are asked to figure out why the prospect called you in […]

How to Get More Referrals | DTSM 95

In sales, client referrals are some of the best ways to attract more business and grow your network. This is because you don’t have to go out of your way to work for them. Once you have a referral strategy in place, you’ll start to get business that you don’t even have to chase for. […]

Sales Training That Actually Works | DTSM 94

Despite what you may have been led to believe, the best training methods for employees are generally informal. That is, effective sales training methods are those that are interactive and that focus on showing rather than telling. In essence, the best way to do sales training is to not train at all. These three sales […]

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