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Negotiation Strategy And Planning: All Options on The Table

There are two types of negotiation: Transactional Negotiation and Relationship Negotiation. You need to plan for the type of strategy you will use before entering into a bargaining session. Season 2 Show 9 Episode 131 As you prepare to enter into a negotiation you need to understand which type of strategy you will employ. In […]

Win Win Sucks: Never Compromise in Negotiation

It happens all the time. You think you have a solid deal with the client and all of a sudden, something changes and either they want more, or they want to pay less or both. Their expectation is you’ll just agree because you’re already emotionally invested in the deal. They want you to just drop […]

Negotiate in your Underwear with Five C’s

Today’s show reveals the secret to making deals. Part of that mindset is being able to negotiate deals in your underwear. Join me as I reveal the other five elements of the mindset for a successful negotiation. Season 2 Show 7 Episode 129 The Five C’s of Negotiation Mindset Concern for the Other Guy: Understand […]

Are You Ready For Reinvention?

This is not the time for sitting home lamenting what has happened and longing for days when everything “returns to normal.” Things will not return to normal. What you are experiencing now is the way things are going to be for the next couple of years. This is the time for you to reinvent your […]

Never Cold Call. Here’s Why. | DTSM 104

When you cold call you annoy people and interrupt their day but that’s not the only reason to avoid it. In cold calling you demonstrate you are out of ideas and desperate. What clients tell me (and you) all the time: If people were beating a path to your door, you wouldn’t have to cold […]

Overcome Unspoken Objections in Sales | DTSM 103

Prospects will sometimes disappear without offering a reason why. In this show you will discover the questions you can ask to keep this from happening. Sales communication is important because without proper dialogue, you could be wasting time and energy working with someone who never intended to buy in the first place. In this show, […]

The People To Avoid On LinkedIn |DTSM 99

LinkedIn is an incredible asset to any business owner. This is especially true in sales, where it’s one of the most useful marketing tools out there. It helps you build your network out with strong connections, but only if you know how to use it. On LinkedIn, there are tons of time-wasters to get in […]

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